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What Can Blockchain do for My Business? The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (April 11 2019 in Salt Lake City) Has Answers.

The Exit Club, an invitation-only network for serial entrepreneurs and investors, is opening its April 2019 event to all who would like to attend for an exclusive presentation on the applied uses of Blockchain in business.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summitwill commence on April 11, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Hidden Valley Country Club in Holladay, Utah (tickets available here.)

Presentations from blockchain experts Richard Swart, Eric Tippetts, Jim Dowd, Anthem Blanchardand Stanton Huntingtonwill be moderated by Exit Club founder and expansion expert Doug Free, the founder and CEO of Mitchell Douglas Partners. Lunch will be included in this half day event, as well as opportunities to speak to presenters directly following the presentations.

Companies like JP Morgan, Bank of America, Walmart, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, FedEX, Overstock, Amazon, E-bay and others have invested billions of dollars in the Blockchain as a platform for business.

Today’s news extols the Blockchain as a massive wave impacting global business. But for small to medium enterprises or individual entrepreneurs, how will the Blockchain affect your business, and what should you do? Which innovations should investors support?

Whether you are crypto-savvy or clueless, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit will provide answers from experts on what the blockchain means for business. We will discuss the opportunities and the cautions and answer questions such as “How will blockchain impact your business in the next 1–3 years?” and “How do I get on board, and how much will it cost?”

Speakers and panelists include the following:

Richard Swart, Ph.D, is a founding member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Association (SVBA) with $1.5 Trillion under management and a member of the “Blockchain for Impact Coalition” for the United Nations. He is a strategic advisor to and works with leading Universities (Cal, Stanford, MIT, etc.) and top accelerators (Y-Combinator, TechStars, 500Startups, etc.), Angel Funds, Family Offices and other investors, focused on the application of Blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to solve structural problems in venture capital, creating pathways for inclusive and outcome-based access to capital.

Swart has held appointments at UC Berkeley and the University of Cambridge and is a global authority on FinTech, alternative finance and crowd innovation. He advises family offices, funds, international foundations (including the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations), Fortune 50 companies, the World Bank, national governments and global research institutions.

Eric Tippetts is Co-Founder of the NASGOBlockchain Internet Application Platform, listed on BitForex (NSG). NASGO’s vision is the creation of “Applied Blockchain” making blockchain technology easily accessible for the millions of small to medium size businesses that are the backbone of the world economy. NASGO also enables speakers, influencers, artists, entertainers and other creators of IP to securely distribute their works worldwide and has helped to tokenize more than 800 businesses so far and has established working partnerships with multiple countries including China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Palau. Tippetts has appeared at the U.N., on NYSE, on NASDAQ and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and on the Larry King Show for

Jim Dowd is Founder and CEO of North Capital Private Securities (NCPS), the leading broker-dealer for online funding platforms; North Capital Investment Technology (NCIT), which provides marketplace technology and services for online capital formation; and North Capital Inc., a registered investment advisor. Prior to launching North Capital in 2008, he was a Senior Managing Director and Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory and Fund of Funds business at Bear Stearns & Company. He spent nine years with Bankers Trust in New York, London and Tokyo as Managing Director and Head of Derivatives Trading for Asia and a Partner of Bankers Trust. Dowd is an honors graduate of Georgetown University.

Anthem Hayek Blanchard is the CEO of Hercules, a supply chain management software company that utilizes public blockchains powered by HERC tokens. He is also head of the Blanchard Family Office, which established the largest gold coin and bar company in the world (James U. Blanchard and Company) and founded the National Committee for Monetary Reform, Industry Council for Tangible Assets, Adam Smith Publishing, Blanchard Group of Funds and Jefferson Coin and Bullion. He is also the founder of Anthem Vault Inc., AnthemGold, Inc (a gold blockchain payment company) and has been in the e-payments/fintech industry for nearly 20 years. Anthem spent six years at GoldMoney, helping take them public in2015, and has served as a Board Member of Pernix Therapeutics. Anthem holds a B.B.A. from Emory University in Finance and Accounting.

Stanton Huntington is General Counsel at Medici Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of, Inc. (OSTK) created to advance blockchain technology. Medici Ventures has invested in and provides support to a portfolio of 19 blockchain technology companies covering industries from identity management, to capital markets, property administration, money and banking, supply chain management, and voting systems. Huntington joined Overstock in 2014 shortly after the company began accepting bitcoin as payment and has contributed to its blockchain efforts ever since. Huntington holds Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Utah.

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, a founder seeking investment, or a principal in an existing SMB or SME, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is designed to provide insights and answers, while leaving the technology jargon aside.

For more information, visit to obtain tickets to the event at Hidden Valley Country Club, 11820 S. Highland Drive in Sandy, UT 84092.



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