Anxiety? Pain? Your Doctor may prescribe VR with biofeedback.

CES 2018, via Micah Blumberg, Neurohaxor at, Organizer of SF VR 360 and, Ambassadoser with Vision Agency ,

“ The idea of using virtual reality (VR) to distract patients from pain is gaining traction in the medical community. And as it turns out, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the emerging field of virtual reality medicine.”

The Muse EEG ECG headset for HTC Vive by Interaxon is already being tested in VR Applications, combined with a VR app called MicrodoseVR, a haptic device called Subpac, and a wireless HTC Vive at CES 2018 you could see hear and feel your heartbeat in a VR experience.

Muse, by Interaxon, for HTC Vive

In our final recap video from this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas, we give you an insight into everything HTC VIVE and VIVE pro related, as we take you into our space at Wynn’s Alsace Ballroom for an exclusive behind the scenes look.

At CES 2018 we showcased the latest demo of MicrodoseVR that incorporates EEG and ECG signals to drive changes to light, sound, and tactile effects with a biofeedback faceplate from the folks at Muse. As a team, we at the Vision Agency are seeking to engineer next generation biofeedback experiences with VR, and to help create the kind of application that Doctors may seek to prescribe to patients once the FDA approves VR applications for medical use for pain and anxiety relief.

In the near future your brainwaves may be sent up into the cloud to be processed with powerful deep learning neural networks to return your emotion and intention at the application interface level for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. We are closely following the work of Dr. Tim Mullen at Intheon for that.

This is MicrodoseVR. You can try it in San Francisco on Jan 18th reservations at It will be featured on the Vive Wirelessly via TPCAST and Subpac.

This is MicrodoseVR in Mixed Reality

Another EEG headset for the HTC Vive is coming to the market from Neurable

A MicrodoseVR demo will be at the Decentralized AI Summit
Decentralized AI Summit 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (PST)

San Francisco, CA

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