CES Day 2: Summary of the News at CES on Jan 6th, 2022

BMW iX Flow (color changing car), Sky Drive (human sized quad copter), Unlink VR (makes the Valve Index wireless), Dynamic Robotic System Lab: VR powered robot telepresence, Cellid, Inc: AR Display Prototype, Common Computer: AI Network for NFT apps, Luxonis Oak-D (All-in-one AI Depth Camera), Quantum Shieldz Cypher (encrypted calls), Metaverse Music from Samsung C-Lab Outside, Sky Drive (human scale quadcopter), Qudi (led emote mask), Metaverse Music (Samsung C-Lab), BitSensing Inc: Radar 4D: Vertical Range Radar, Light Space 3D (New AR Headset)

This article was written by Micah Blumberg

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BMW iX Flow (color changing car)

The BMW iX Flow Color changing car up close in person. It uses e-ink technology, it only requires power to change the color so the color does not drain your battery when its not changing. Same technology that is found in the Kindle e-reader.

The color changing car will eventually be available for consumers to purchase but it might be years away. They still have a lot of work to do behind the scenes it’s going to ship to consumers. That additional work includes integrating color e-ink technology, this iteration as you can see is black & white.

Sky Drive: A personal human scale quadcopter.

From inside

Dynamic Robotic System Lab: A VR powered Telepresence Robot

This research is being done at Seoul National University

Cellid, Inc: AR Display Prototype

Quantum Shieldz Cypher: A clever way to secure your telephone conversations.

Common Computer: an AI Network for bringing your NFT into a your app of choice, such as a game.

D’Arts: Hatch-Pot VR: Unlocking the Infinite Market for VR Manga

Luxonis: OAK-D

Unlink VR makes the Valve Index wireless

Qudi: World’s first emotional mask

It cost’s about $200 but the software application for your phone gives you a lot of modes to play with.

Metaverse Music (from Samsung C-Lab Outside)

bitsensing Inc: New 4D Vertical Range Detecting Radar

Light Space 3D (New AR Headset)

Part 2

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