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Coronavirus Economic Impact & Pandemic Production Act

Coronavirus cases worldwide climb to half a million today: with a million Covid-19 disease cases expected as early as Sunday March 29th. What is the fastest way to restart the global economy? In this article I will make the argument that governments need to order corporations to make billions of full body hazmat suits and train workers to correctly operate them. When workers are dressed like Vladimir Putin in this photo below they can go back to work, and no one will die.
Mar 26 · 13 min read

A news analysis of the coronavirus economic impact by Micah Blumberg, Neurohacker, Journalist, and WebXR A-Frame Software Architect at Silicon Valley Global News

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Judging by this photo alone Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be smarter than most other world leaders.

Right now the major situation that is contributing to exponential sickness and death in the United States and in the Western world has everything to do with the fact that we did not and still do not have enough supplies to deal with this crises.

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Some countries have a lot more PPE Personal Protective Equipment and they are doing a lot better than the Western countries.

If we had a ton of tests and a ton of masks then our bell curve may have been more like China’s, South Korea’s, Hong Kong’s, Taiwan’s, Singapore’s, or even Japan’s.

If Trump had followed the NSC’s pandemic playbook we might have a lot more of these supplies now. Chiefly we are talking about coronavirus testing kits, n95 respirators, and ventilators.

The NSC’s pandemic playbook is a “69-page document, finished in 2016, provided a step by step list of priorities — which were then ignored by the administration.”

We didn’t have enough supplies so the United States told the people not to buy them, to save them for the hospitals, the United States even lied and said the masks would not help.

Unfortunately even the US Surgeon General lied to the American people when he said that masks do not work.

But the evidence shows us the opposite that masks do work.

“Here’s 34 scientific papers that all point to the same thing: masks work to dramatically reduce the spread of covid-19.”

Masks work but we don’t have them. Save for some donations from billionaires like Tim Cook, and these donations are for the hospitals that need them the most.

Because of this situation, the lack of overall supplies, in the West, we (Western countries) are currently trying to slow the exponential infection rate and the exponential death rate by asking people to self isolate.

Unfortunately because we did not act sooner, and because we did not have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment like respirators) we are not going to make a fast recovery like the East and the consequence is that Western countries are going to be far more stressed economically than economies in China, Korea, Japan etc…

So health experts may recommend that we remain in isolation for weeks, months, and in theory the problem could extend to 18 months until we get a vaccine. That situation would be a disaster for the economy.

““We wanted to start a larger conversation about how our long term response might look,” Dr. Mordecai said. A potential vaccine may take 12–18 months to be developed. Researchers at Stanford were inspired to explore non-pharmaceutical interventions after reading about it during the 1918 influenza pandemic. During the 1918 influenza, major cities lifted their measures within three to eight weeks only to experience a resurgence of the influenza.”

Economists are essentially saying that the longer the economy is suspended for this health care crises the worse the economic recovery looks.

Right now, in the first few weeks of isolation (for some places in the United States (and also some places in Europe) the economy is already taking a big hit, but at this stage, a lot can be recovered, the economy could bounce back.

As Fed chairmen Jerome Powell points out: ‘There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with our economy’ (right now)

We might be in a recession, but its different from the recession in 2008, if our country recovers from the Coronavirus quickly then the economy might bounce back.

However right now the Coronavirus is stressing US banks out worse than the Fed’s planned bank stress test “Coronavirus slowdown starts to rival Fed’s doomsday bank stress test scenario”

So how can we get the supplies that we need? Well essentially we have to make them.

The Defense Production Act or DPA is the type of act that in theory might allow the US Federal Government to order companies to make billions of full body haz mat suits, respirators, n95 masks, ventilators, and testing kits at a price low enough to save the United States of America.

There are two problems however, one is that it’s budget is too small and two is that Trump isn’t using it.

“Trump faces mounting pressure to unleash Defense Production Act”

“Defense Production Act could help amid coronavirus, even as President Trump resists: experts”

We will need an act of Congress to get a budget big enough to build all the supplies we need to get humans back to work safely.

Its crazy to consider it, but consider this we must, how many people could die if there is a global total economic collapse? What if everyone stops working? What happens then?‬ Tim Draper says we need to stay open for business or more people could die. What do you think?

Right now in the United States there is a division between what Progressives want and what Conservatives want. I’m going to illustrate this with a few examples and some links.

For example conservative Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick went on Fox news and made the case that old folks like himself would be willing to die to save the country.

“Texas Lt. Gov: Senior Citizens Willing to Die to Save Economy for Grandkids”

Conservatives on Fox News like Glen Beck insist that the country (USA) is dying “Even if we all get sick, I would rather die than kill the country, because it’s not the economy that is dying, it’s the country”

Dick Kovacevich, the former CEO and chairman of Wells Fargo, told Bloomberg News that healthy workers under the age of 55 should return to work in April if the outbreak is controlled, saying that “some may even die” with his plan.

Hurting the economy “could be worse than losing a few more people,” Paychex founder Tom Golisano told Bloomberg.

Trump and other right wing pundits insist that the “cure can’t be worse than the disease”

On the Progressive side Bill Gates said that he would keep people in isolation as long as it takes, be that 6 weeks or longer.

“Bringing the economy back and doing money, that’s more of a reversible thing than bringing people back to life” Bernie Sanders said

The point is that there is a tension between Conservatives who want the economy to keep going and Progressives who want to follow the recommendations of scientists in healthcare.

The solution to accomplishing both is for Congress to pass a new larger Defense Production Act, or rather a Pandemic Production Act.

The Pandemic Production Act allows the Federal Government to order companies to mass produce PPE, including hazmat suits with respirators for workers, the Federal Government will buy these hazmat suits and then sell them to companies for their workers to use. This means everyone can get back to work safely without the risk of being infected by learning how to wear a hazmat suit and respirator. It means that these PPE products will be produced and sold at the lowest cost, because the Government will have the biggest order. We will get the benefit of isolation, while more tests are made, while vaccines are researched, while new treatments are explored and tested (such as anti-viral and antibody treatments) and at the same time people can go back to work and the economy can keep going.

With the Pandemic Production Act we will protect the American worker, have companies pay for it, get the economy going again, and fight the coronavirus all at once.

Thank you.

I have a few more thoughts:

Here is a really neat real-time Covid-19 visualizer.

This graphic below is from Jo Di. Notice that per Capita testing is low in the US, and yet already the US has horrific numbers of new cases.

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These graphics from Jo Di illustrate that despite skyrocketing case numbers the United States is still massively under testing compared to smarter countries. This means the problem in the United States is probably far worse than anyone in the US Government knows for sure.

Bill Gates thinks the US has missed it’s big window of opportunity

The CDC the NIH and the Whitehouse have to assume for example that every New Yorker has been infected at this point, or at least potentially exposed.

“Coronavirus task force members Birx and Fauci warn people leaving New York ‘may have been exposed’”

The worst of worst case scenarios appears to have already happened, the United States of America may have received the mortal wound that ends the USA, but the sudden death is happening in slow motion.

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For example deaths in NYC appear to be double every day. So what is that 200,000 deaths in 10 days? Day 13 is 1.6 million? My numbers can’t be true can they? It’s as if NYC was hit by a Nuclear bomb, but really it’s like the whole earth was hit by a nuclear bomb, that’s how much death is happening.

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Chernobyl is starting to look small by comparison. At least the rate of testing is increasing significantly in NY but the rate of testing needs to increase dramatically in California, Washington, New Orleans and other hot spots otherwise this could be happening at NY scale elsewhere and we don’t really know.

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The Coronavirus is a bigger global disaster than the Chernobyl incident. Although (this paragraph is humor) in both cases people can argue that huge numbers of untested unidentified asymptomatic cases balance out the death rate to something less than the seasonal flu and argue that these infected people represent herd immunity. Are you shocked? Yes people actually argue this in peer reviewed science papers. I argue that the existence of a very large number of undetected infections does not imply that herd immunity already exists. A large number of infections implies a large number of future hospitalizations that are coming soon and a large number of deaths are coming soon as well.

The sad news in Russia is that government still basically acts the same as they did during the Chernobyl incident, and unfortunately as you can see by the numbers and with Trump that culture has spread to the United States as well.

How long do you think it will take for half a million Coronavirus cases to double to 1 million cases? 7 days? Try 2.5 days. So by Sunday March 29th we ought to have a million cases of the Coronavirus worldwide. How long will it take for 21,353 deaths to double? Oh the death count doubles at the same rate, as you can see in the chart below.

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“The pandemic is accelerating,” via WHO Director Ghebreyesus “It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach 100,000 cases, 11 days for second 100,000 cases, and just four days for the third 100,000 cases.”

The Pandemic is accelerating and we need Congress to pass a Pandemic Production Act to get workers into full sealed haz mat suits with respirators so that they can go back to work while treatments are being researched.

Please share this article so that more people find out about the Pandemic Production Act.

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Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

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Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

Silicon Valley Global News

Silicon Valley Global News: Stories, Research, Advanced Concepts RE: Virtual Reality, AR, WebXR, AI Semantic Segmentation on 3D volumetric data, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Drones, Light Field Video, Homomorphic Encryption.

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