Cosmonios High is a comical classroom setting created for an open ended character driven Virtual Reality Game adventure that allows players to Quest class tasks at their own pace.

Created by the folks who made Job Simulator & Vacation Simulator, Owlchemy Labs. I think it’s going to be a big hit in the VR world. I covered the story of Cosmonios High at GDC 2022

Article & Video by Micah Blumberg, about Micah

Watch the story I created here:

You can select a power for each hand.

Examples would be water power or ice power, once you select it you will shoot water or ice from your hand.

The implementation of powers, 8 total powers, each individual helps you solve puzzles. The powers can interact with one another. If you fire the ice & water together for example you will shoot ice cubes.

In my demo I used water to put out fires on the walls.

Cosmosius High features the largest map ever created by Owlchemy

It comes with a big interactive world where you can basically interact with everything, characters, items, things, walls.

This time the team focused on increasing the depth of interaction for each character, and each character has deeper personality for players to discover.

It was really cool to see a character grab something out of the air that I tossed, but without interrupting what they were doing at the time. They can all do that.

The characters will also wave back if you wave at them.

The order that you want to do the game assignments in is entirely up to you.

Finally each character has a high school theme. So one character will be great at sports, another will be great at cheer leading, another great at chemistry, take your pick of fun high school character types.

It was a great GDC Game Developer Conference 2022. See you next year.




Silicon Valley Global News: Stories, Research, Advanced Concepts RE: Virtual Reality, AR, WebXR, AI Semantic Segmentation on 3D volumetric data, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Drones, Light Field Video, Homomorphic Encryption.

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Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

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