Death Star Robot: Anonymous Global Warfare. Resistance is futile.

The inevitable & unstoppable future of killer autonomous sentient micro drones, and how to build them, by Micah Blumberg, host of the NerveGear Show at

Recently this video of killer autonomous drones showed up on the internet.

It’s titled “Slaughterbots” and the goal was to scare common folk into lobbying their local governments to ban these super weapons, but legislative efforts will be powerless to stop this future from coming. This video below highlights the inevitable unstoppable future of killer autonomous drones, enabling global warfare.

The reality is that both governments and the super rich are able to operate outside the laws with secret facilities, black sites, and locations outside the laws of a given country.

Another reality is that the biggest governments in the world are making massive investments in Artificial Intelligence and Weaponized Drones already. So any laws that are passed will serve to slow down people who are not rich from acquiring this class of super weapon.

The United States has already shown off a preview of this kind of weapon, and it is expected that China, Russia, and every other high tech military service on this planet is developing this capability. The sad truth is that if you are not developing your own technological singularity your country could fall to a technological singularity controlled by another country.

So how do we build them? Well first battery life for drones needs to get dramatically better. Today small drones like quadcopters have very short battery life. So one scenario is that you might have a larger long range drone with bigger batteries and solar cells to recharge drop a bunch of these super small drones with shorter battery life very near their target. Second the technology needed to do spatial recognition and facial recognition and flight maneuvering for an entire swarm needs to get a lot better, a lot faster, and the hardware needed to power it needs to get a lot smaller, with fewer energy demands. Right now devices like the Hololens that do spatial recognition are too large for drones, and the more accurate they get the hotter they get, the worse battery life gets. We probably need new chipsets and new advances in software before these kinds of killer flying bot swarms can become a real problem. Frankly it’s not a matter of if but when. Advances in technology will happen and soon or later technology this advanced will be available to purchase.

Maybe legislators will figure out how to correctly classify and ban super drone super weapons, but that won’t matter because the reality is that anyone in Silicon Valley who is rich enough has a moral and ethical duty to themselves to develop their own technological singularity in secret, even illegally, as a personal defense against a potential enemy building their own technological singularity.

In this episode of Death Star Robot which is in two parts, I talk about how the human mind might be structured and how we could potentially build that into a robot like a drone. In the first part Laura Lou the VR Girl helps me introduce the talk that I had with Matt Hoe who co-founded Virtual Bytes

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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