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Disneyworld: Coronavirus comparable H1N1: Off the chart infections in United States may exceed South Korea: Dr. Anthony Fauci should resign

A news analysis of coronavirus topic by Micah Blumberg, Neurohacker and WebXR A-Frame Software Architect at Silicon Valley Global News
Mar 3 · 15 min read
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Coronavirus South Korea

Today Mike Pence evaded a question about whether or not he would take his family to Disney World: “Vice President Mike Pence was asked whether he would take his family to Disney World amid the coronavirus outbreak.” Pence said there have been no limitations on travel issued within the United States of America.

Dr. Anthony Fauci the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases needs to resign. He is telling people that “mitigation” actions like telling people not to attend major political rallies does not need to happen. He doesn’t have the facts because testing hasn’t happened on a scale comparable to testing in South Korea.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is misleading the American people about the Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 and should resign.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci

A source:

Dr. Anthony Fauci said something to the effect that the travel restrictions from China put America a step ahead of Coronavirus outbreak. That’s false information. America only looks like it is a step ahead in the Coronavirus outbreak because large scale testing isn’t being done and sick people are being turned away for testing. A source:

If people stop going to Disneyworld and stop going to the movies, what happens to Disney?

“Disney CEO Bob Iger resigns suddenly, capping his legacy with Disney Plus launch”

“Disney Parks in China and Japan Look Like Ghost Towns After Closing Due to Coronavirus Outbreak”

“Global Film Industry Facing $5 Billion Loss Amid Coronavirus Outbreak”

Disney owns how many movie franchises again? Marvel, Pixar, Starwars… uh oh.

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“Disney Stock Plummets 18% in the Last Week — Even Worse Than Overall Market Slide”

You know what Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t telling people that we should not take our families to Disneyworld. He’s not saying we should stay home and isolate ourselves. According to Mike Pence at least, no one in the US Government is recommending that. Why would they avoid telling us the truth.

Feb 27th 2020 “Stock market live updates: Dow plunges 1,100, worst point drop in history, will Fed act?”

What is the fed going to do?

“Trump Is Right to Want the Fed to Help Fight Coronavirus. But It Can’t Do That Much.”

Right now politicians like Trump and others are hosting massive rallies, people who show up at those rallies may be spreading the contagion to each other, at the same time we are learning that the CDC distributed contaminated tests.

Trump voters are going to suffer the most from the Coronavirus More Old Than Young, because people over 60 have a higher death rate than everyone else, 3.8 percent, over 80 the death rate is 14%.

“Throughout his campaign, Trump was consistently more popular among older voters than among younger ones. (…)49 percent of those aged 30 to 49 felt warmly toward him and 60 percent of those aged 50 to 64 did, as did 56 percent of those over 65 years of age.” source

and Trump voters are going to get the virus from his rallies.

Importantly Testing has NOT been done on a large scale in the United States (compared to South Korea testing for example). a source:

“South Korea had tested a total of 66,652 people for the COVID-19 coronavirus virus as of 4 p.m. local time Thursday [FEB 27th 2020], whereas Japan had reported administering roughly 1,890 tests and the U.S. only 445.”

Community spread in the US has apparently been happening unnoticed for 6 weeks or more. People have been getting infections that can’t be traced back to Wuhan. People behind denied tests who should be getting tested. We don’t know how bad the situation is, because sick people with Coronavirus symptoms have been turned away for testing.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, based on information he doesn’t have, is giving our politicians the wrong information, and has contributed to making the scale of the outbreak much larger than it needed to be otherwise.

News highlight from February 28th San Francisco Bay Area News: “#BREAKING: Officials have confirmed Santa Clara County’s third case of COVID-19.” aka coronavirus

  1. “The third case of COVID-19 in Santa Clara County and is not related to other cases.
  2. “The third case had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected individual.
  3. “Now is the time to prepare for the possibility of widespread community transmission.”

“More than 1K coronavirus testing kits shipped to California” Only 1000 test kits?

With widespread testing we may find out that the infection in the United States has already exceeded the infection rate in South Korea.

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How big of a problem is the Coronavirus? Why is it being compared to H1N1 Influenza or the Spanish Flu of 1918?

Are you one of those people who thinks the flu is a bigger deal? Do you work at Yale University and think that a poor diet will kill more people this year?

How did this guy, Dr. David L. Katz, become a doctor if he doesn’t understand an exponential growth rate?

I will just leave this link here:

What does an R0 between 2.1 and 6.6 and a death rate as high as 3.8 for people over 60 and 14 for people over 80 mean in real terms? What do exponential infection rates look like?

R0 6.6 Reference

Death Rate 3.8 (aka Mortality Rate based on real cases) Reference

What is the worst that could happen with the coronavirus. Lets say we all get it?

Laurie Garrett said on the Rachel Maddow show on February 25th, 2020 that the death rate could be as high as 6% based on reporting from some cities in China. “some of the cities in China reporting lethality rates as high as 6 percent” quoting Laurie Garrett in the linked video

“Laurie Garrett is a former senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Pulitzer Prize winning science writer.”

Laurie Garrett spoke on The Maddow Show to talk about this article that she wrote

In the worst case scenario right now. If 7 billion people catch the disease, and 6 percent of all people alive today died. Thats 420 million deaths.

Of those who don’t die as many as 20 percent may get extremely ill, that could include organ failure (lungs) coughing up blood, including similar symptoms to the Black Death aka the Pneumonic Plague.

Even if you survive the virus you may lose the ability to breath unconsciously, every breath will need to be forced, you will need to be on a ventilator or an iron lung when you sleep.

“According to the complaints of a survivor, the medical graduate student (24 years old) from Wuhan University, she must stay awake and breathe consciously and actively during the intensive care. She said that if she fell asleep, she might die because she had lost her natural breath.”

“Since SARS-CoV2 may conceal itself in the neurons from the immune recognition, complete clearance of the virus may not be guaranteed even the patients have recovered from the acute infection. In support of this, there is evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is still detectable in some patients during the convalescent period . Therefore, given the probable neuroinvasion the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection may be currently underestimated.”

The optimistic scenario is that quarantine measures, and surveillance efforts will slow the spread of the virus, help the government to deliver medicine to those who need it the most and slow the death rate and death count significantly.

Bill Gates has said something to the effect that Africa is in the worst position healthcare wise to deal with this new virus. Bill and Melinda Gates have since pledged 100 million dollars to fight the coronavirus.

In the United States Trump has dismantled the Obama administrations anti-epidemic infrastructure and cut the CDC’s funding so the United States is unprepared to meet the challenges of the Coronavirus. As infections grow in Europe, starting with Italy, we will see if the death rate is closer to 2 percent or closer to 6 percent.

Note: “At present, it is tempting to estimate the case fatality rate by dividing the number of known deaths by the number of confirmed cases. The resulting number, however, does not represent the true case fatality rate and might be off by orders of magnitude […]

“A precise estimate of the case fatality rate is therefore impossible at present.” via 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): estimating the case fatality rate — a word of caution — Battegay Manue et al., Swiss Med Wkly, February 7, 2020 link

Some researchers think we should compare the Coronavirus to the Spanish Flu of 1918 H1N1. In fact this paper makes the argument that we need to compare Coronavirus to the Spanish Flu

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“Spanish Flu infected 500 million people around the world 27% of the then world population of between 1.8 and 1.9 billion, including people on isolated Pacific islands and in the Arctic. The death toll is estimated to have been 40 million to 50 million”

A warning from History (Spanish Flu short film)

The above linked paper compares the Coronavirus to the Spanish Flu of 1918. That paper’s method uses the Kaplan Meier estimator.

The Kaplan Meier estimator alone doesn’t give us a real picture of what’s going to happen because to know that we would also need to simulate how people are communicating and reacting to the news. If for example individuals decide to go into isolation and are taking more precautions, that may including washing your hands more often, then real spread should slow down.

We would need to run something like a Linden-mayer system simulation to predict that. If we run these simulations, we might be able to see how the virus spread is going to change when individuals start reacting in a rational way.

That can only happen if the public is getting fast accurate information about how large the problem is, how many tests are being done, how big the community spread might be and what rational people should be doing.

‪Note: The CoronaVirus could also be spreading via public bathrooms and building ventilation systems, aersolized via flushing & hand dryers, with airborne microscopic feces entering the lungs, mouth, or eyes. How can people react rationally if they don’t have all the facts or if the government is misleading people about the scale of the problem because the government doesn’t know?

However thanks to Dr. Anthony Fauci we don’t have that information. The American public doesn’t know the scale of the problem because the testing isn’t happening at the scale it needs to be happening. The US Government has massively failed the American people.

South Korea is fast tracking new test kits:

“Korea approves 2 more COVID-19 detection kits for urgent use

“The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) has approved two additional detection kits developed by domestic diagnostics companies, SolGent and SD Biosensor, for urgent diagnosis of the novel coronavirus.

“The KCDC said Thursday that it gave the go-ahead to SolGent’s DiaPlexQ Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Detection Kit (DiaPlexQ) and SD Biosensor STANDARD M n-CoV Real-Time Detection Kit for emergency COVID-19 test.”

Some good news about testing in the United States

An article from February 29th: (Essentially FDA is no longer going to stop States, Hospitals, and Medical Professionals from using tests created by experts and institutions) Background: There has not been enough testing in part because the CDC and the FDA wanted to develop a uniform test that everyone would use. Major news channels (reporting on this) in days prior were comparing how much testing was happening in South Korea for example to how much testing was happening in California for example. Sick people have been told they could not get coronavirus tests done in California if they had not recently traveled to China (for example). The reason in part has to do with the limited availability of test kits. This news today could mean that there will be many more sources for test kits available which alleviates the supply chain problems for coronavirus test kits in the United States.

For the safety of their employees major tech companies like Nvidia, Facebook, Sony, Unity, Microsoft and many more began pulling out of major tech events like MWC, GDC, F8, GTC and many more major event cancellations may be coming soon.

GDC postponed after several firms withdraw due to coronavirus concerns

NVIDIA Shifts GTC San Jose to Online Event Due to Coronavirus

The big companies are scared to attend big gatherings. So why are still going to meetups and events? Do you not understand the concept of exponential infection rates or something? Why isn’t the government telling us not to go to Disneyworld? Dr. Anthony Fauci? Mike Pence? Anybody home at the Whitehouse? Anyone with a brain?

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The 1918 Spanish Flu pictured above

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South Korea pictured doing it right.

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United States pictured not doing a good job.

Some of my sources (but not all) including science links for this article came from twitter and from the hidden Viral Exploration group on Facebook created by Andre Watson. If you are working on the coronavirus you should be talking to Andre Watson

We may need your help with this Covid Risk app

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Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

Silicon Valley Global News

Silicon Valley Global News: Stories, Research, Advanced Concepts RE: Virtual Reality, AR, WebXR, AI Semantic Segmentation on 3D volumetric data, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Drones, Light Field Video, Homomorphic Encryption.

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