Hack Days in San Francisco

Hack days is a show that live streams from San Francisco about machine learning, bots (chat bots), crypto currency, neural networks, blockchain, neuroscience, brain computer interfaces, virtual reality, augmented reality, and often the content is determined by whomever shows up so it’s a grab bag of Science and Technology topics.

The host with bleached highlights is Dan Gailey who I met online and in person more than six months ago. Dan Gailey is the CEO of Synapse AI. Dan and Katherine co-host Hack Days, they run a Crypto Builders Meet-Up, which is also live streamed thanks to Katherine’s camera (which deserves a producer credit). They are also co-organizing an event called Decentralized AI which you can find out about later.

About six months ago give or take when I met Dan I remember he was thinking a lot about how to build better chat bots.

We had a lot of similar interests and at the time I was recording the 4th episode of my podcast series called The Neural Lace Podcast so I invited Dan to be a guest on the podcast but I had to make a case first, to him, as to why next generation brain computer interfaces might involve robots, artificial intelligence, and even next generation chat bots.

I may have told Dan about my dream I am not sure.
I’d had a dream once about seeing myself enter a Cafe, sitting down, attaching a computer chip the size of a quarter to my waist, and then getting up to walk around while my body stayed put in the cafe. The chip was an artificial intelligence that kept my body safe, while I entered a sort of computer controlled lucid dream that was merged with the real world. A mixed reality that involved connecting the computer directly into the brain, allowing you to explore the depths of your imagination, and beyond.

Neural Lace is a next generation of brain computer interfaces that can read and write to the human mind as if it were another kind of hard drive. Neural Lace enables AR and VR without glasses. Neural Lace is the technology called Nerve Gear depicted in the show called SAO Sword Art Online.

Whatever I said back then (whether I told him about that dream or offered a different reason for why future bots might be involved with Neural Lace) Dan finally agreed to be a guest on my program and we walked around San Francisco with a Microphone talking about the convergence of Science, Technology, and next generation brain computer interfaces.

Then tragically this summer while demoing MicrodoseVR at an event the graphics card in my laptop burned out and I was forced to send my computer in for repairs. In the process I lost my hard drive and that recording of the Neural Lace Podcast with Dan on it. You can find the episodes that were published here:

So this past Sunday I wandered into Noisebridge which is a hacker space for very smart people to work on whatever project they want to work on from learning python to laser cutting to building things with Arduinos, to building software for the HTC Vive or filming with a Mixed Reality Green Screen. Noisebridge has 3D printers, a woodshop, a metal shop, a sowing table, and so much more that it actually needs to expand into a larger space. (NB runs entirely on donation)

I actually had wanted to be on Hack Days as a guest but I thought I had missed it on this particular Sunday. Fortunately I caught them before the end of the recording and I was able to speak on the show. What surprised me the most, was after the talk was over I listened to the entire thing from the beginning, and I discovered that they were talking about Neural Lace before I had even arrived. I had no idea and yet this was the topic of my conversation today. They didn’t know I was coming so this wasn’t planned. What an odd coincidence.

Here is the short cut down version of the Hack Days video. Cut to the parts about Neural Lace which is how I like it.

The shorter Neural Lace version:

Although you can watch the full video here:

Here is the main link to the Hack Days Community on Facebook where you can also find the latest episodes that air every Sunday



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