I don’t agree with Tested’s video journalism assessment of the Pimax 8K headset

Personally I tried it and I liked it, so who is right? Is Tested right? Or am I right? Well you can try for yourself if you are in San Francisco next Friday.

In response to Tested video: I think it should be trivial for developers to support a wider FOV (Field of View). and maybe they don’t have to do it at all, because your FOV is a camera in Unity, right so there should be a super simple plug in that automatically adjusts the in game camera FOV to match the headset FOV.

As far as Tested’s comments about the resolution, don’t buy it for resolution, buy it for the FOV, because it makes games beautiful. Pimax 8K has a 200 Field of View and it’s beautiful in part because of the additional pixel density. Resolution is not the issue that is going to keep me from using one.

When I compared the Pimax 5k to the Pimax 8k the extra pixel density mattered, the result was a clearer screen with higher resolution. You can’t get that increase in clarity over a broad field of view without extra pixel density. The lenses were much larger than a Rift or Vive which is necessary to take advantage of the larger screen area.

My first impressions of the Pimax 8K were that the VR headset is beautiful to look at from the inside. It’s a beautiful screen. My opinion is that it should be worth the money for most people who are buying it.

I should point out that I, like Tested, tried an unfinished prototype. The IPD adjustment nob was not active yet, one example of how the headset is still in the prototype stage.

My belief, which could be right or wrong, is that Kickstarter backers will on the whole be very happy when they get their 8K Pimax VR headset. I didn’t notice stretching at the edges. It was big and beautiful. I think the 8K screen is definitely better than the 5K screen so those extra pixels do make a big difference in my humble opinion. The screen seemed bright enough, comparable to Vive or Rift, but with a lot more of the VR world viewable at once. I also didn’t notice any ghosting or dark spots or god-rays.

(humor) Do these guys at Tested even program in Unity or Unreal Engine, because changing a camera FOV is a trivial operation https://forum.unity.com/threads/are-all-engines-fov-the-same.46504/

For some additional perspective watch this excellent review of the Pimax 4K headset:

Our friends at SVVR Silicon Valley Virtual Reality tried the Pimax 8k at their event just recently!

Our friends at SVVR tried the Pimax 8k! See what they said!

Note: SVVR is Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (events). SFVR is San Francisco Virtual Reality (events). Our groups do a joint event every year on the first night of GDC, the Games Developer Conference.

You can try the Pimax 8K at SFVR 360 this Friday. www.sfvr360.com

Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/san-francisco-virtual-reality-360-octo-tickets-38469924580

The folks who organize at SFVR actually make stuff in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Every demo for SFVR 360 ôctō on October 20th

Every Speaker who will be at SFVR 360 ôctō on October 20th



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