Interview with SwanVR about Beat Saber

We spoke to the Mixed Reality performer whose video went viral and has been estimated to have been viewed over 100 million times, and possibly over 150 million times across a variety of web channels from Gamespot to Gamasutra and a lot more.

Written by Micah Blumberg for (also host of the Neural Lace Podcast

Exhibit A: The video shared by Gamology with over 25 million views

The Player and Performer in the video that went viral is: SwanVRart aka Shuang van Reizen

The most exciting thing happening in the Virtual Reality industry right now is perhaps the global buzz around a little VR application called Beat Saber.

Gamespot called it the “Jedi training disguised as a rhythm game.” The original video:

It was created in Mixed Reality is powered by LIV.

The Player and Performer is: SwanVRart aka Shuang van Reizen

The Game is Beat Saber, which was developed by Hyperbolic Magnetis and the audio track was: Escape by Jaroslav Beck

All the stats shared in this story amount illustrate not only the excitement around Beat Saber and Mixed Reality performances, but also excitement for the VR industry as a whole.

Then a variety of page administrators copied the original video and posted it on Facebook and it went viral from there

I collected some screenshots of the stats the video is getting, it has been shared so many times, by so many people. Press outlets from around the world are reaching out to Swan to hear her story.

All this attention could be really great news for the emergence of the VR industry as a mainstream industry with global excitement peaking and the global mass of Star Wars fans being especially interesting in weilding dual lightsabers in Virtual Reality.

I have also played Beat Saber and I love it, its a lot harder than it looks, so I can recommend that you try it at your earliest opportunity. I hope to get a review copy at some point so I can do a follow up to this article.

The first image above is the chart from the first Reddit post going viral at a rate of 7,600 views an hour.