About Micah Blumberg

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Micah is a developer journalist who writes for developers, who hacks neurotechnology to work with WebXR and XR devices and who analyzes science & the technology industry to make predictions about the future.

I’m a journalist, technology researcher, market analyst, and neurohacker working at building next generation brain computer interfaces, neural lace, artificial cortex, and artificial brains. I’m a journalist for Silicon Valley Global News, I organize workshops with NeurotechSF and events with San Francisco Virtual Reality, I am with the Vision Agency so I can demo MicrodoseVR at your event. I run over 30 Science and Technology Facebook groups in the Virtual Reality Media Alliance representing well over 200,000 people.

I trace the convergence of science & tech, my interest spikes when any of these topics combine: Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Self Driving Cars, Brain Computer Interfaces, Affective Computing, Data Visualization, Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Bots, Cryptocurrency, Homomorphic Encryption, Category Theory, Category Theory Encryption, Cryptography, Smart Cities, Sustainable Cities, Neural Lace, Art.

References to projects I’m involved in:

Vision Agency http://microdosevr.com
NeurotechSF http://neurotechx.com
Silicon Valley Global News http://svgn.io
Neural Lace Podcast http://vrma.io
San Francisco Virtual Reality http://sfvr.net
San Francisco Virtual Reality 360 http://sfvr360.com
I admin 30 Facebook Groups in the Virtual Reality Media Alliance http://vrma.work
Death Star Robot http://deathstarrobot.com
Neurohaxor http://neurohaxor.com

I’ve been studying computational neuroscience, neuroscience, computational biology, biology, computer science, and artificial neural networks since about 2005 after reading Jeff Hawkins book On Intelligence and watching most of his online lectures.

I write for Silicon Valley Global News, host podcasts and shows, host groups on Facebook and Reddit, and I organize science and technology events primarily because I find these activities to be synergistic with my efforts to discover new technologies, exciting new projects and super smart people. My mission is get one step closer to building next generation brain computer interfaces, artificial cortex, and artificial brains.

I am the host of The Neural Lace Podcast, the NerveGear Show, and the Death Star Robot talk show.

I study everything at the intersection of Virtual Reality, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain.

I organize events at San Francisco Virtual Reality reference http://sfvr.net and http://sfvr360.com

I’m an ambassadoser of MicrodoseVR with the Vision Agency led by Android Jones reference http://microdosevr.com

I’m sponsored by TPCAST

In 2012 for about two years I founded and ran a Neurofeedback business called Neo Mind Cycle that took signals from a 300 dollar EEG headset, added light and sound tracks to those signals, combined the light and sound patterns with neuro-stimulating isochronic beats, and piped them into LED light glasses and headphones such that users were immersed in a light and sound data visualization of their own eeg signals.

The project called Neo Mind Cycle (NMC) was about the combination of Neurofeedback with Audio Visual Entrainment

Or in other words Neo Mind Cycle was about Brainwave entrainment driven by EEG

Myself and others had some very profound experiences with Neo Mind Cycle, and while I had a theory for what was happening, and why it might be beneficial, I ended up with far more questions than answers. Around this time Virtual Reality started to catch my attention.

I decided to focus on learning as much as I could about virtual reality in addition to neuroscience and artificial intelligence with the intention of one day being able to create a next generation brain computer interface. I became a VR journalist and my publication for two years was called Virtual Reality Media, in the second half of 2017 it was re-branded to be called Silicon Valley Global News.

Today I am the host of 30 Science & Technology groups on Facebook representing over 200,000 people reference the Virtual Reality Media Alliance at http://vrma.work I run 3 of the top 10 largest VR groups on Facebook that are highly active. I run 3 neuroscience groups that have significant participation. I also run AI groups, Volumetric Video groups, AR groups, Blockchain groups, Biohacking genetics groups and more.

As of New Years 2018 My posts on facebook have been liked 82,000 times. My peak traffic for my news blog was 12,000 views in a 30 day period in the 3rd quarter of last year. Reference http://svgn.io for past stories.

I’m an organizer with San Francisco Virtual Reality
Reference materials to SF VR events



I’m also the host of the Neural Lace Podcast, The NerveGear Show, and the Death Star Robot Talk Show with past published episodes appearing at this domain http://vrma.io

On the 7th Episode of the Neural Lace Podcast I interviewed Android Jones who was demoing MicrodoseVR driven by EEG with Muse at AWE2017.

I’m now part of the MicrodoseVR team, which is called The Vision Agency. I’m also a consultant for a company in San Diego called Acrovirt that is making wearable Artificial Intelligence devices with cutting edge new biosensors, including an EEG sensor that has a billion times improvement in sensitive and noise cancellation. http://microdosevr.com