Magic Leap 2 won the Augmented World Expo event in my humble opinion. It was the best Augmented Reality headset experience that I tried at the show. It is a big leap over the Hololens 2.

This is the most exciting mobile all in one dedicated AR Headset I’ve tried. It can put graphics anywhere, in any environment, on the walls, on other people, on tables, suddenly you have high resolution 3D graphics that are competing with your laptop, but you are experiencing these graphics in the world around you. Your computer & your real world environment are now blending together with Magic Leap 2.

Magic Leap 2
Micah test driving Magic Leap 2
The FOV (Field of View) is 70 percent, but most importantly the FOV feels right. Nothing seems missing from the experience as was the case with previous AR glasses.
The new 70 percent Field of View eliminates the biggest issue with Magic Leap 1.
Micah wearing the Magic Leap 2
Same as the video linked above just hosted on Twitter instead of Linkedin (backup)



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