Facebook’s new Social VR applications are a game changer, this is why you will want an Oculus Go!

New Social VR applications launch at F8

New Social VR Apps for Oculus Go, 3D pictures launches for Facebook, participating brands can allow you to share a 3D model of a gift you are giving to your friend, and your friend can place it inside a 360 photo of their home via Facebook Spaces.

The three new Social VR apps for Oculus Go include Oculus Venues for concerts with hundreds of people, Oculus is working with partners to bring live events to you.

Oculus TV and Oculus Rooms which allow you to chat with friends and watch media together.

Facebook can now create a 3D point cloud of a home based on old photos, so that you can essentially turn your old photos into a hologram that you can walk around inside.

If you combine this new feature with the AI Denoising and AI Lighting technology that I talked about at GTC 2018 with the CEO of OTOY then we are fast approaching the world where we have cinematic quality holograms from old photos.

Something that I think Jules Urbach said was less than 5 years away but I’m thinking that this technology is coming before the end of the year based on today’s news.

See my interview with Jules Urbach here: