Patchworld from PatchXR brings you a novel way to create music with your Meta Quest Virtual Reality headset.

I tried the Patchworld app on Meta Quest at GDC the Game Developer Conference in March 2022 and I genuinely enjoyed it. I genuinely believe this is cool software. Folks who are into both Virtual Reality and Music Creation will be interested.

Article by Micah Blumberg, about Micah:

After my demo I can say that I genuinely believe that Patchworld will be a cool way for musical artists to create new tracks and live videos of their creative musical performances.

Patchworld will immerse you into a magical universe. Where you can push pull distort and morph soft 3D musical instruments that you can easily customize and control with different sounds & tracks. Anyone can become a composer with this. You can also invent your own musical worlds, create your own instruments, and conduct live shows with Patchworld.

“Build and share musical worlds in the metaverse, without any coding, for free”

  • “200+ blocks for endless creative options
  • “3D environment and sound assets to get you started
  • “3D spatial audio and stereo mixing
  • “Record loops of your avatar performing in 3D space to become a full band
  • “Connect your virtual world with your usual setup using MIDI and OSC.”



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