SFVR Nov 30th at Microsoft in San Francisco: Schedule, Speakers, and Demos. We have six speakers, six demos, from nine companies.

Microsoft, Occipital, TPcast, Decentraland, Map Mapping Aggregated Platform, Virtual Bytes, River Studios, MicrodoseVR, Charlie Zimmerman, the VRGirl from VR Spaces (via Facebook Spaces), and a recorded talk from Scientist and Science Fiction Author David Brin.



At 6pm the doors open and people can arrive to network and mix. People who are entering the venue at that point will be greeted by Laura Hall the VRGirl from Facebook Spaces. She will be our opening VR DJ from 6pm to 6:30pm, but she will be reaching out in Virtual Reality from her home state of Georgia

Laura Hall the VRGirl with Micah Blumberg from SVGN.io in VR Spaces

At 6:30 the talks start, there are 6 speakers and each speaker will have 10 minutes to speak. At 7:30 each speaker will sit down on a panel and have two questions each, they will have about 2.5 minutes to answer each question. Email your questions during the talks Joe’s email is joe@sfvr360.com

At 8pm we will open the floor for demos and we will play an hour long interview with scientist and Science Fiction Author David Brin on the TV’s that we recorded this month for SFVR Novem.

The event closes at 10pm.


1. Decentraland: Kieran Farr will be talking about the convergence of Virtual Reality with Blockchain, but specifically about WebVR with Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts for virtual land and for Decentralized Community Management where communities are self policing.
VR & Blockchain: Watch my interview with Kieran from Decentraland for a preview of his talk at SFVR. We are talking about the convergence of Virtual Reality and Blockchain. It’s super interesting!: https://medium.com/silicon-valley-global-news/vr-cryptocurrency-watch-my-interview-with-kieran-farr-from-decentraland-about-the-convergence-of-13d0403c017a

Kieran Farr works as a developer evangelist for open source VR, AR and online video. In his spare time he is a community advocate for Web-based VR and AR, the organizer of SF WebVR/AR meetup, teaches WebVR to middle and high school students, and mentors startup founders for 500 Startups and the European Innovation Academy.

Decentraland is an open source experiment to create an entirely decentralized online metaverse. Kieran helps with developer outreach for Decentraland, a decentralized VR metaverse running on the blockchain.


2. Microsoft: Tobiah Zarlez will be talking about the convergence of Artificial Intelligence with Mixed Reality. Watch my interview with Tobiah here for a preview of his talk at SFVR https://medium.com/silicon-valley-global-news/ai-mixed-reality-interview-w-tobiah-of-microsoft-on-artificial-intelligence-is-converging-with-ef7b4d059884

3. Virtual Bytes: Sara aka Sarit Shaskes. Watch the talk I did with Sara from Virtual Bytes here for a preview of her talk at SFVR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9yTPBrrES4

Sarah Hashkes — Bionic Reality — Combining VR With Biometric Data

Sarah Hashkes is the co-founder of Virtual-Bytes. She combines her knowledge from a BSc. in Physics, a MSc. in Cognitive Neuroscience and a lifetime dedicated to movement, martial arts and dance, to create VR experiences that hack the brain body link. She opened and ran an immersive VR lab in the motor control department at Donder’s institute, and consulted for Karuna, a startup using VR for treating chronic pain.

Virtual-Bytes is an education, research and art collective. We aim to showcase how combining VR tech and neuroscience knowledge can influence our lives.

http://virtual-bytes.com/ https://www.patreon.com/virtualbytes
An article about Virtual Bytes https://medium.com/silicon-valley-global-news/the-nervegear-show-neuroscience-artificial-intelligence-virtual-reality-brain-computer-c6635d693766

4. Occipital: Maud Buffier will speak on the convergence of Computer Vision & Mixed Reality

5. Map: (Map Aggregation Platform Ltd.) Arnaud Dazin will be speaking about the convergence of Blockchain with Augmented Reality: Arnaud Dazin is a seasoned tech leader in the Virtual and Augmented Reality space after a successful career in the video games industry where he contributed to mobile giant Storm8’s success of achieving over a billion downloads and 50 million monthly actives as an early employee. As CEO of Mapping Aggregation Platform Ltd., Arnaud is intent on using decentralized approaches to creating a crowdsourced 3D map of the world that is more accurate and up to date than any existing mapping technology.”


6. River Studios: Dulce Baerga — Mixed Reality Standards, Ethics And The Future Of AI.

Dulce Baerga has been producing interactive content for over 20 years She’s produced and built sites ranging from entertainment based portals to product based community site. She’s a self-taught developer who’s particularly passionate about augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. She’s a full stack developer, front-end engineer and network/IT manager.

Her skill set includes developing concepts, programming demos, creating UI/UX design, scripting user interactivity, building 3D simulations, creating virtual products, and building cloud networks. In May of 2017, she was made the CEO of River Studios an AR/VR/MR content startup in the River Accelerator.


At 8pm: We are also going to premiere an hour long interview with David Brin a scientist and a famous science fiction author.

David Brin

American scientist


David Brin is an American scientist and author of science fiction. He has received the Hugo, Locus, Campbell and Nebula Awards. His novel The Postman was adapted as a feature film and starred Kevin Costner in 1997. Wikipedia

8pm is also when we open the floor to product demos.

Come, join the discussion, and help shape the future of Virtual Reality as it convergences with other technologies like AR, AI, Blockchain, Biosensors and more.

At any SFVR event you can try some of latest VR & AR technology demos, you can listen to interesting talks, learn from and meet pioneers in the field, and connect with your fellow VR community in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

The SFVR 360 is a mini-monthly event series centered around talks on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AI Deep Learning Neural Networks, Neural Lace, Blockchain, Self-Driving Cars, the GPU, and more topics that are generally related to the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

These monthly events will feature cutting edge new VR and AR demos, they will be located in San Francisco, Ticket sales are limited to help ensure shorter lines, more room, and lower noise levels for more interesting conversations.

We are committed to delivering an excellent experience and encourage you to take photos, Facebook Live or Youtube Live videos. Journalists are welcome, these events are small on purpose because they are media focused. If your company comes to speak, sponsor, or demo, we want you to take photos and conduct live video interviews to promote your work, your services, and your products at our event! For our sponsors we offer extra space, extra promotions, and premium locations both within the events physical space and also on the schedule. Our events are always covered by Silicon Valley Global News but other journalists are invited to attend as we are a media focused event by design.

Our official event hashtag is #sfvr use it for posting photos and videos on social media so we can all find what you shared later on!

The event is hosted by Micah Blumberg, Joe Lang, and Guest Host Kevin Kunze who will be filming in 360 and interviewing the panel. http://www.kevinkunze.com/





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