Shores of Loci is a must get App Lab experience for the Meta Quest Virtual Reality headset by Meta.

I had an amazingly positive first impression of Shores of Loci the other night. It strongly reminded me of some of the coolest dreams that I can only half remember.

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Shores of Loci

What are your favorite Virtual Reality (VR) applications? I’ve been covering the news of Virtual Reality since about 2015. In the past 7 years I have tried a huge number of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality headsets & applications. One of the first that I tried was Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive back in April 2015 at an event called San Francisco Virtual Reality.

Shores of Loci

I was floored by Shores of Loci on Meta Quest the same way I was floor by Tilt Brush & the HTC Vive in 2015. I became enraptured in the moment of something amazing: something from my dreams half remembered & mostly forgotten.

Shores of Loci

The lights, the sounds, the music, the graphics, all of it comes together with Shores of Loci to create an amazing experience.

Shores of Loci has evoked from my memories some of the best VR experiences that I’ve ever tried. In the case of Shores of Loci, it is a single player narrative puzzle game that you can only experience in Virtual Reality. It is beautiful & breath taking.

Shores of Loci is in part a 3D puzzle game

This was one of the top emotionally positive & mentally rewarding VR experiences with for me a sort of deep & emotionally euphoric feeling of presence in VR. This is one of those times on earth when we need to look for ways that people can experience relief from the suffering of everyday life. Technologies like Virtual Reality and applications like Shores of Loci provide a vehicle for our minds to relax so healing can begin.

The developers of Shores of Loci have created something truly special & extraordinary with Shores of Loci that I resonated with immediately.

I haven’t felt this way about a VR app in a long time! Magical!

I need to make a list of all the great emotionally positive VR experiences, but this is definitely one of them! Maybe it’s the best one so far!

Some of my other favorite apps with emotionally rewarding experiences over the past 7 years have included the following:

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush

Irrational Exuberance: Prologue

Irrational Exuberance: Prologue

Tea for God

Tea for God on App Lab for Meta Quest

Land’s End

Land’s End for Gear VR


Daedalus (Gear VR, Mirage Solo, Meta Quest)



Cubism VR

Cubism VR

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect for Meta Quest

Moss VR


Red Matter

Red Matter

Shores of Loci’s graphics, sound, animation & puzzles all feel great to me!

The graphics for Shores of Loci are great especially for the Meta Quest! I like that they did not use 360 images, actually I really appreciated that. You are getting real 3D environments, with lots of attention to detail, shading, and a dream like art design.

Shores of Loci

The art is for sure on par with the best visually appealing Quest apps like Moss. I still think Half Life Alyx is graphically at the highest end graphically for any VR application to date, but Half Life Alyx as a game isn’t even close to being as emotionally positive as this.

Shores of Loci

The geometry in Shores of Loci is stunning 3D art, and a game built around 3D puzzle pieces is just brilliant. In this case it’s also well executed with the ambient musical soundtrack.

Shores of Loci

Shores of Loci

I felt like I got to go to heaven for a little while playing Shores of Loci. Thank you. The heaven in my dreams, the new earth. The good place. The promised land. The enlightened place.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shores of Loci

What a wonderful experience!

Shores of Loci will be available for early release on App Lab, Steam VR, and SideQuest: May 24th 2022.

It comes with:

  • 4 Environments with multiple world building puzzles
  • 40 gameplay minutes per environment
  • Releasing: May 24th
  • Price Point: $14.99
  • Full Content Launch on Major Platforms (Meta Quest / PICO)
  • 5 Environments with multiple world building puzzles
  • 1 additional Environment update for those who purchased during soft launch
  • Price Point $19.99/TBC
  • Additional Content pipeline of “Puzzle Packs” (2 environments/2–5 Puzzles)
  • Different Artists and puzzling techniques per new “Puzzle Pack”
  • Price Point: $4.99

Where to find more info about Shores of Loci

Shores of Loci Main Website

Shores of Loci on Facebook

Shores of Loci on Steam VR

Shores of Loci on Instagram

Shores of Loci on Twitter

Shores of Loci on Youtube

Shores of Loci on Discord



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