SXR: Samsung XR

SXR, or Samsung XR, is the new open source developer platform for developing AR & VR applications for Samsung phones and wearable Samsung AR headset devices.

Article by Micah Blumberg

Previously I wrote that I thought Samsung might announce a new AR wearable headset at SDC. Update: That prediction could still be incorrect after all, but we do know that Samsung has helped to create a DIY headset. DIY means do it yourself. The DIY wearable headset will help hold your Samsung phone up to your eyes for Augmented Reality applications.

The new evidence is an AR phone + AR wearable hackathon taking place two days after the keynote at SDC. In the eventbrite description Samsung claims to have a new experimental wearable XR headset. The experimental AR wearable mentioned in this event refers to a device that uses the Samsung phone similar in concept to the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Cardboard but for AR.

Update: The event organizers clarified that the DIY XR headset pieces were put together by Samsung but otherwise its not a shipping product.