Mind Code // Brain Code: Go (Ancient Game) and Alpha Go. Speculation about the code of our minds in our brains.

The Neural Lace Journal — Article by Micah Blumberg on June 30th 2017

“Go (game)

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“Go (traditional Chinese: 圍棋; simplified Chinese: 围棋; pinyin:

“wéiqí; Japanese: 囲碁; rōmaji: igo[nb 2]; Korean: 바둑; romaja: baduk[nb 3]; literally: “encircling game”) is an abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.

“The game was invented in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, and is therefore believed to be the oldest board game continuously played today.[2][3] It was considered one of the four essential arts of the cultured aristocratic Chinese scholar caste in antiquity. The earliest written reference to the game is generally recognized as the historical annal Zuo Zhuan[4][5] (c. 4th century BCE).[6]

“Despite its relatively simple rules, Go is very complex, even more so than chess, and possesses more possibilities than the total number of atoms in the visible universe. Compared to chess, Go has both a larger board with more scope for play and longer games, and, on average, many more alternatives to consider per move.[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game)

I think of the game of Go as being related to the code of the human mind if the black pieces represent the excited blocks of our minds and the white pieces represent the inhibited blocks in our minds (or visa versa). So that the shape of our thoughts, in tempo-spatial patterns is represented not only by what is excited in our brains but also by what is inhibited in our brains.

So what then if there were others in your mind? What if there are other beings that travel between minds or beings that only become activated when you are in a certain group with certain people with a certain combination of information assets? Until now, I haven’t been able to fully articulate the strangest sort of idea I have had about the code of our minds, but I think of it as like a game of GO. With the conscious thoughts being the black pieces, the unconscious thoughts being the white pieces, and the board being the natural neural networks of the brain, but what if the unconscious pieces are living out an alternative existence? What if there are unconscious or alternate human societies? Or a singular alternate human way of thinking that exists concurrently, invisible but in plain sight. Neural Lace can help resolve this question.

I had this awesome dream recently where I had to fight my clones, but each one of them had a slightly different twist on my persona/personality, some were evil. It reminded me of Nvidia’s Isaac program (that I learned about at GTC 2017 the GPU Conference) where robots are simulated in bulk, the best one is chosen, and then variations of the best one are then simulated, then the best one of those is chosen. It kind of makes me wonder if my brain was simulating different versions of me in order to pick the best one. When I woke up I felt that one of the good clones had won, and my personality was now in a sense tailored by an internal evolutionary algorithm to serve the most optimistic goals of the organism that is me a constructed representative of the cellular biome, generated from a series of summary calculations of all the available data collected to predicted the causes of reality stemming from personality attributes and personal strategies.

I imagine the human mind having an operating system, that has multiple levels of beings, running across multiple brains, with the individual being un-aware of the non-individual beings but the non-individual beings being fully aware of the individuals, because the non-individual beings would be sort of at a higher level in the hierarchical structure of minds operating system.

I imagine that my conscious mind is inside a sandbox, unable to access all the information that is available to my brain, but that beyond that sandbox there is another reality, for other conscious beings, that run inside the software of my mind, and travel between minds, and exist in multiple minds simultaneously.

In the brain when someone is trying to focus on something we see a lot of inhibition in some areas of the brain and a lot of excitation in other areas of the brain, the idea here is that what is happening is an attention gain modulation, just like audio gain modulation, the parts of you that are paying attention to something you are looking at become excited and that means they exhibit more activity, more excited cellular activity, more information transfers between cells in some areas, and perhaps in part because the brain must maintain it’s overall electrical equilibrium you will see that other areas of the brain become inhibited at the same time, these other parts of the brain will exhibit less neural activity, less blood flow, less electrical activity that might result from mass action potential firings, the inhibit parts of the brain should correspond to everything you are not thinking about during that window of time. The inhibited parts of the brain should feature the unconscious material.

Perhaps the conscious mind is sand boxed because the inversion of my perspective that has been cultivated as the primary selection of active blocks of my active conscious neural circuit must first be created and then inhibited in order for me to have this perspective of being an individual. In other words maybe all the parts that do not lead to a conscious sense of self have to be inhibited, in order to manufacture a sense of identity.

I am also imagining a sort of natural high bandwidth wireless data transfer between brains. Speech is and body language are examples of high bandwidth transmissions, eyes and ears are examples of high bandwidth receivers. Could we also transmit information via electrical signals or electromagnetic signals via touch and or via sexual intercourse?

I am imagining secondary hidden neural network feedback loops, self-aware concept loops, that communicate with unconscious speech, or with hidden speech patterns hidden inside ordinary language.

Have you ever had a conversation and then couldn’t remember what you talked about afterwards? Or only understood part of the conversation but were aware that you received information that you didn’t fully understand?

I am imagining that it might be possible for brains, as universal computing machines, to run alternate consciousnesses, or alternate self aware feed back loops, neural circuits hosting the concepts that make up the building blocks of alternate beings that are hidden from the conscious mind that you know as yourself.

Of course I am suggesting that the self is a self-aware feedback loop inside our brains within the natural neural networks of our brains, and this loop consists of blocks of concepts that take turns being activated in the rich club neural circuits of the mind.

One perhaps silly idea that keeps me up late at night sometimes is the idea that there may be alternate conscious beings in your mind, that interact with alternate conscious beings in other minds is strange but I think it could be possible.

I say that because we have multiple levels of networks happening in our brain simultaneously. We have six layers of neo cortex, in each of two hemispheres, so it’s like 12 half layers of cortex, you can see we have a neural network of neurons, silo’s of neurons and rich club of super connected neurons, a glial cell network, that share and enhances the metabolism of the neural network and also connects the entire nervous system together from the brain to the feet to the finger tips throughout the spine, we have a mitochondrial network where mitochondria send messages to other mitochondria inside cells, you can also say that we have an ionotropic brain (electromagnetic waves interacting with electromagnetic waves) and a metabotropic brain (the chemical interacts of the brain that interact with other chemical interactions in the brain, and we have multiple neural circuits running concurrently and possibly in patterns that are separate from one another. We have trillions of connections between cells, and perhaps we have tens of exabytes of data running through our minds concurrently every few milliseconds, and perhaps we have different spectrums of data that run past each other at different frequency rates like Delta, Theta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Gamma, High Gamma, and Lambda etc.

I don’t know if it’s plausible to have multiple minds running simultaneously in one brain but I suspect that it is possible. These alternate minds might be very abstract, or they might exist on timescales that are either too frequent or too infrequent to notice, such as beings that are really small and fast with short existences, or beings that are really long large and slow that take a really long time to process a single thought all the way through, it might take decades for some of these collective beings to self-realize and to have conclusions about something or another. Some of these beings may only appear under the influence of certain mind altering chemicals, such as alcohol, caffeine, sleep medication, or psychedelic medication. Some might only appear during incredible mental distress, mental disease, stroke, starvation, near death experiences, or other situations that cause a strenuous disorder to the normal brainwave activity of a person’s mind.

It just might be that there is a vast amount of space for an incredibly deep and rich internal operating system that is simulating not only our everyday reality but also multiple universes worth of data, which might explain how people can go on fantastic journeys with DMT through multiple universes living entire lifetimes in minutes.

It could be that there is just a vast amount of mostly in accessible information in the brain, and that we don’t access this information normally because it must be inhibited in our low power minds to shape the very nature of who we are and what we are doing here in this place.

I argue that it is as if we exist as the abstract relief opposing or contrasting with everything else. At the same time it is as if we are, at the cognitive level, defined by everything else, or rather defined by our relationship to everything else as all things in the cosmos are defined.

I have heard it said that the strangeness of quantum physics is that any physical object is literally defined by everything else in the cosmos, so perhaps that is true of our minds as well. Perhaps it is true of the mental construction of the ego which I feel must exist as a physical thing, in the mind, that information patterns have a physical existence in the brain, and that the self is subject to the same laws of physics that appear to govern all things. I would include a reference to Constructor Theory to argue that information can be described with equations, with Category Theory mathematics, as something that isn’t separate from the physical, despite the fact that information can transfer between physical mediums, my argument is that this doesn’t make information non-physical, it just makes information transformable, and that when we consider abstract models of reality, such as when we consider mathematical structures, or sets, that information isn’t non-physical, but rather it exists physically represent in our brains, and that our experiences, are located in our brains, as electromagnetic waves, with spatial and temporal characteristics, frequency patterns with charge, spin, and all the other properties that can be assigned to highly coordinated electromagnetic waves in a brain.

So in Quantum Physics everything is related to everything else, and so I would not be too surprised if it turned out that the material of a conscious mind is defined by its polarity to a differentiating set of information that is inhibited to create the contrast of a conscious distinction which is in a sense a contrast inherently, a distinction that is a disorderly disruption from the whole canvas of indistinct thought in the brain. The blank canvas of consciousness is an idea related to the concept of holism in mythology, mysticism, and religion, which is regarded as a concept beyond concepts, a concept beyond the mind (which includes only individual thoughts that divide the non-dual universe into duality by their material occurance). Holism defines a cosmos that without the components of a mind has no thought and no disturbances, and perhaps no information.

Suppose however these hidden thoughts not separate beings but instead they are separated thought processes. Thought processes in some instances serve abstract ideas and in other instances they might serve the collective unconscious, or they might serve some kind of collective such as a company or a country or an idea or a tribe. In some instances like as in the incident of Jonestown such a collective mind could manage to have a horribly destructive influence resulting in a mass suicide. In other instances war and genocide might result such as in the instance of the Nazis, and incident that might be characters as mass scale mental illness.

These separated-non individual thought processes might exist as the inhibited thought remnants of thoughts that have been inhibited in such a particular way so as to cultivate the tempo-spatial shape that is you, you the tempo-spatial ionotropic self-aware brainwave pattern would then exist as a sort of cookie cutter selection of thoughts models that are congruent with the shape of a self-aware individual defined by the negation of patterns that do not take the shape of a component of a self-aware individual.

So parts of you, that are unconscious are unconscious because they haven’t been selected by the brain to be apart of the conscious feedback loop of conceptual patterns that are included in the structure of your conscious self, and these parts, separated out of the necessity to construct a viable sense of individuality in a brain may exist as non-individualistic data packets, the unconscious and sometimes subconscious material of the brain that can sometimes interact with the conscious mind, and can sometimes interact with the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds of other people without you knowing about it, or having full awareness of it.

With Neural Lace we should be able to prove or disprove the existence of alternate beings running on brains, and begin to analyze group behavior in new ways, to understand the collective dynamics of group behavior and to understand collective mental illnesses better, so that we can treat the disturbed masses of humans who are mentally ill in great numbers and unconscious of that fact.

Speaking of Go: I think now the challenge for any AI researcher is to develop an artificial intelligence that can beat Alpha Go at the game of Go.

Go was in a sense the last board game that humans could beat AI at, and I wonder if that defeat symbolizes a hint that perhaps AlphaGo as a machine is set to exceed human cognition in general, once Alpha Go is applied generally to the whole domain of human experiences that is. Is it already capable enough to outsmart humans in all the domains of human thought provided that it can receive proper training in all human domains?

About the author: Micah Blumberg is the host of the Neural Lace Podcast which can be found at http://VRMA.io and he is a VR Journalist at VRMA Virtual Reality Media http://vrma.work he is also a bio hacking researcher working on next generation brain computer interfaces (Neural Lace) and he is the founder of the facebook group “Self Aware Networks: Computational Biology: Neural Lace” and he admins a long list of large groups on facebook dedicated to cutting edge technology and cutting edge science.



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