The Metaverse launches today with Varjo Reality Cloud. See my perspective as I test out the Varjo XR-3 Mixed Reality headset with Varjo Reality Cloud on film!

Announced in January & launching today, services like Varjo’s Reality Cloud Platform are a plausible next step towards building the real Metaverse. It is a web-based solution allowing you to quickly share your original high resolution XR content creation from anywhere to any device securely & safely.
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5 min readApr 28, 2022


Article by Micah Blumberg,

Varjo Reality Cloud lets you securely stream the most complex Mixed Reality & Virtual Reality applications, and 3D high resolution CAD models directly to Varjo’s headsets, like the Varjo XR-3, or to other devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, or other AR VR devices made by other companies.

Micah Blumberg tries the Varjo XR-3 & Varjo Reality Cloud

I filmed my experience with Varjo Reality Cloud using the Varjo XR-3 which you can watch above. There were a lot of cuts because the camera was moving a lot during the filming but the final result is okay. I hope you can pardon the unique video editing I did on this project and are otherwise able to enjoy the news story.

A fun fact is that Varjo Reality Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon has long been a player in the AR VR Metaverse space, and Amazon Web Services allows Varjo customers to have a global reach at the speed professionals require.

What makes Reality Cloud special is Varjo’s proprietary foveated transport algorithm. You get a lossless visual fidelity via a compression rate of 1000:1, and a bandwidth of 35 megabits-per-second via highly secure, enterprise-grade data encryption. With it you can stream human eye retina quality graphics to your Varjo headset or another device (phone, tablet, computer, or other VR AR headset by another brand.)

So if you are a Varjo customer doing automotive design using Autodesk VRED™ you can quickly scale up your productivity, by getting your high end designs into your collaborators hands more quickly.

In addition, in the later part of 2022 support for the leading 3D game engines like Unity & Unreal Engine will be brought into the Varjo Reality Cloud service as well.

Although not part of Varjo’s news announcement today I think there is a future role for WebXR here as well. The React Three Fiber demos in particular are visually interesting. We are looking at a near term timeline of much less than a decade before WebXR can do literally everything the big game engines can do. Including GPU optimized graphics, neural rendering, real time ray tracing, prefabs for level of detail rendering, (perhaps someday it will have technology similar to Nanite in UE5 so you can drop in high resolution photogrammetry scans at it will just work) and so on. WebXR API link:

I will also say that the Varjo XR-3 is the clear current winner if you want an Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality headset with Human Eye Resolution Graphics. What the Magic Leap promised us, Varjo delivers. It beats the Microsoft Hololens, Nreal, and the Lenovo Think Reality A3, in terms of it’s field of view, and also in terms of the solidity of the graphics which are not transparent like graphics you usually see in Augmented Reality Glasses. Unlike the other headsets I mentioned it is tethered to your computer, but with Mixed Reality the experience is good enough that the cable doesn’t feel like a problem to me. The headset was also light weight and comfortable to wear for the entire duration of my demo which was less than 15 minutes in total.

I‘ve heard that the US Military picked the Microsoft Hololens over the Varjo because they wanted something mobile & all in one, but a soldier needs a laptop & a home base anyways right? If I wanted to look at a 3D battle field in Mixed Reality I would want to look at it with this headset, and not with a cheap $3500 dollar Microsoft Hololens that has a much smaller field of view and transparent graphics (harder to see). This Varjo XR-3 Mixed Reality headset is just a much better tool for getting real work done, and with the Varjo Reality Cloud sending the latest high resolution 3D intelligence information to your troops devices in the field is even easier.

Varjo Reality Cloud with support for Autodesk VRED can be used with up to five concurrent users (per company) at $1595 per month.
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The Varjo XR-3 is a headset for the top professionals at the leading companies, and I can share from personal experience that there is literally nothing better that you can purchase, right now, in the Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality market place.

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