The NerveGear Show: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Brain computer interfaces, Self-Driving Cars, Blockchain.

Article by Micah Blumberg, host of the Neural Lace Podcast and the NerveGear Show reference link

In preparation for SFVR novem we made the NerveGear Show live broadcast from Facebook Spaces.

This is Episode 1 of the NerveGear Live Show with your host Micah Blumberg and special guest star Sara (Sarit Shashkes)

Sara is a Founder at VirtualBytes, creator of MindMoVR and Consultant at Karuna Labs

Sara previously brought her team to two events I co-hosted called San Francisco Virtual Reality in September and October!

In the NerveGear show we discuss the convergence of cutting edge ideas, science, and technology, which is also the theme for the next SFVR event where Sarah will be speaking on the convergence of ideas, science, and leading technologies including neuroscience, VR and more.

and now the Premiere of the NerveGear Show:

If you are having any issues watching the Facebook Video here is an alternate file source on youtube

Sarah is a founder at Virtual Bytes

Virtual Bytes

Virtual Bytes is an education, research and art collective founded by Matt and Sarah. We aim to showcase how combining VR tech and neuroscience knowledge can influence our lives. We wish to help creators in this new medium by bringing you 2 VR demos a month that hack the mind-body connection. We will be using all sorts of platforms like the HTC Vive, Oculus or web VR, but even if you don’t have the hardware you should be able to learn a thing or two from our videos. For those of you that want to make their own stuff we will be providing source files and some written in depth tutorials.

You can support them by heading to their Patreon page:

To get a preview of Sarah’s talk at SFVR novem on Nov 30th watch video of her talk at Cascade SF

and see Sarah’s talk on Psychedelics from the Open Foundation Conference

To get tickets to our event at SFVR in November click here:

In this episode of the NerveGear Show we mentioned MicrodoseVR, by the Vision Agency. What I was referring to was featured in the Neural Lace Podcast #7

In the podcast I also mentioned that Matterport, a 3D camera company, has a new open source AI software.



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