The Weather Channel creates a stunning Mixed Reality News that explains the hurricane flood threat!

This is an amazing example of XR technology being integrated into the news!

Post by Micah Blumberg, Analyst, Researcher & Neurohacker

Click the photos to make them larger
Click the photos to make them larger

Outstanding job by The Weather Channel! I think they deserve some award for excellence in news coverage because of this don’t you?

Want more? Here are 5 recent stories by News that you can watch and the 3 in the middle combine VR and Video for a Mixed Reality News:

For Neurohackers: I had some questions about using AI rendering with medical imaging. AI denoising and real time ray tracing are used to finish rendering computer graphics, and those computer graphics could be the resulting product of what began as a light field volumetric capture. Medical imagining often involves 3D volumes of data, and we are getting several news kinds of imagining technologies like photoacoustic tomography that can be combined with existing new technologies like electrical impedance tomography to and semantic segmentation to create new tools for neurohackers to analyze brain activity and correlate it to the 3D data so that’s a small part of this podcast which should be interesting to a lot of folks for different reasons.
Two real AR VR developers share unbiased views of the Magic Leap One and compared it to the Microsoft Hololens. I wanted to see what real developers thought about the Magic Leap One. We wanted to create an unbiased preview of the Magic Leap
RTX is going to revolutionize the Virtual Reality industry. New XR headsets are expected to be announced by Oculus, Valve, and Microsoft this year. To see how look at the Battlefield V demo running on Nvidia real time ray-tracing (RTX) to effectively make shadows and reflections look right. With this new realistic detail it’s much easier to figure out what is happening in a game and in Virtual Reality.
Star VR is the new wider VR headset with higher resolution and eye tracking, watch the video to hear some first impressions about the display. Since we were at Siggraph 2018 in Vancouver we also took a few photos and decided to describe the experience of Siggraph a little bit so you have some idea. Text & Video Editing by Micah Blumberg, Field Reporting and Opinions about the Star VR One headset. SIGGRAPH 2018 is the world’s leading annual interdisciplinary educational event showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The 45th SIGGRAPH conference took place 12–16 August at the Vancouver Convention Centre and featured 16,500 attendees around the world. Field Reporting and Opinions about the Star VR One headset by Jeremy Owen Turner. Text & Video Editing by Micah Blumberg
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