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‪Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden in part show us the real reasons why employees at tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft don’t want to help the US Military get more powerful AI.‬
Aug 31, 2019 · 13 min read

You are reading Silicon Valley Global News, this article is by Micah Blumberg, Neurohacker, Software Architect, Journalist.

We have a dictator and the US government is now a banana republic. (Note in this article I refer to Republicans but I am including in that word also people who identify as Conservatives and Libertarians.)

This is why employees at Microsoft, Amazon, and Google employees do not want to cutting edge technology including AI and devices like Hololens to help the US Military become more lethal,

or provide the US Military with the latest AI technologies. It’s because to them we (the USA) are just another group of bad guys in the world.

Russia effectively controls the US, criminals run free, US military war crimes are hidden from the public, the US is creating wars to sell weapons and the cost is part of why your money is worth half today what it was in 1990.

For example Police who rape teens are set free by the unjust justice system.

The corporations including the state media, and the social media are choosing your candidates for you with a computer program that gives more candidates more questions and more air time in debates,

This is how they control who you choose.

The news media in the US are collecting secret dollars from Russia (apparently, what is another explanation for it) CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News are all designed to manipulate people in different political demographics. Some content speaks more to one person verses another person.

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evidence that our elections are a scam, the corporate Oligarchy deciding who wins, who we vote for, who gets extra minutes to speak, who gets screentime, who gets more debate questions, faking our polls, fact that Andrew Yang, was 3 percent in this poll, was missing, Beto had 1%‬

The messages on your television, and on your social media target you as a demographic whose mind has been computationally modelled. Their computer program allows them to calculate a message that either inhibits you from voting or encourages you to vote, and by manipulating large numbers of people this way they can effectively control the vote. They have with Cambridge Analytica like data points figured out how to manipulate you, manipulate the masses, they know what to say or do to motivate you, or to depress you.

There is not a single Republican in the world whose intellect we can respect anymore, because they are not speaking out against the Dictator in Chief who is murdering immigrant children.

This includes all the Republican scientists, and all the Republican tech executives, they are the bad people at every level & every sector of society.

They “Republicans” are a dumber species, more callous, more selfish, more psychopathic, less caring race of people,

In that Republican’s are collectively as a group not speaking out about the horrible things that Trump is doing. The children he is murdering. The immigrant children forced to abandone necessary medical care, so they can die in another country they don’t even know. These Republicans, by not caring about the world are fucking parasites who only care about themselves, they hate the masses, they hate immigrants, hate minorities, hate anyone who is different. This is why you commonly see them being described on social media as tyranical, nazi, white supremacist, christian thugs, with souls that are not even real, as people that do not even think about what they are saying and why, brainwashed people.

To try to explain the callousness we can make the argument that their minds are artificial holograms, copied from other people with no original thought, given to them by the government and like an unthinking mind clone that believes the governments lies.

How else can they continue to believe the US Government, even as our government commits crime after crime, for example in keeping Chelsea Manning illegally imprisoned without a trial? As an apparent revenge for exposing the corruption in the military, crimes in the military committed against other nations. In keeping this information from us, by hiding their own evil actions, the US Military is fighting against our freedom. Suppressing the truth from the American people allows bad actors in the US Government to continue to exploit the American people and one major consequence of this is that now the dollar is worth half what it was worth in 1990, our money inflated in part because of money spent to fight needless wars so the military industry complex can sell weapons to each side. “Hey you two should fight each other so we can sell each of you weapons, and this is great because we don’t have to fight you, you can fight each other.”

So that the people who make airplanes and weapons can live rich lives that allow their children to attend Ivy League schools, schools they bribe, giving the Universities monetary gifts, donating new school architecture, funding science, to ensure that rich kids have priority acceptance at Ivy League schools.

So that the rich kids can grow up and start companies that hire corrupt US military generals to lobby the US Congress to approve more needless wars to sell more weapons to a new conflict that the US secretly created by funding terrorist groups in secret.

The story we are seeing in the news is about the Oligarchy of rich global elitists against the people. All this Republican talk, talk from Republican’s, handed down from the Oligarchy, is about small minded selfish people believing that its moral to exploit the masses in all ways possible to get yourself rich. They don’t really care if minority immigrants get imprisoned in concentration camps by the CBP or if ICE tells sick babies to leave the country which will mean their death.

The fascist state employed Homeland Security employees hate immigrants so much they actually abuse people in their custody, together as a team, groups of US Government employees are as a group sexually abusing teen girls in their custody.

The US Government is effectively a criminal on the world stage, its a banana republic. In the US no real justice is even possible. We are operating under Russia’s control, Russia controls the President. The Police in the US get away with crimes including rape and murder, ICE & CBP get away with crimes including sexual assault of teenagers & the deaths of children. In the United States the criminals (employed by the government) are getting away with murder in front of our eyes, everyone can see it, no one can stop it. At least Democrats, the liberals, and the free media is speaking out about it. America has a dictator and the Republicans are doing nothing to stop it, they are not even speaking out about it.

The Pentagon Chief thinks Google isn’t patriotic. No sir, its you General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is being unpatriotic, it is the US military and the US government that is being unpatriotic and un-American.

There isn’t a single Republican in the world that we can respect, because they are saying nothing while the Trump administration order’s immigrant children to their deaths, see the story below.

So when Peter Thiel tells Trump that Google should be probed as a potential traitor, you tell Peter Thiel that he can go fuck himself, and tell your congressman that Peter Thiel is the one who should be probed as a potential traitor.

Peter Thiel should be probed for any potential connections he has to Russia, he represents at least the Oligarchy that is exploiting the masses because like psychopaths they don’t really care about human beings, we are more like batteries in the matrix to them. They only care about themselves. The small minded ruling oligarchy, selfish and evil. It’s probably the drugs they are on.

US Soldiers on Drugs

Germany’s Nazis had a drug problem also

This is why comparing these anti-immigrant Republicans to Nazis is continually a good argument to make, the drugs they are taking allow them to be psychopaths towards the deaths of immigrant children and the sexual assualt of immigrant teens. “But we are so happy about the economy and how Trump is doing on the economy.”

But America’s farmers have effectively been destroyed for a generation because of Trump. America is effectively screwed now economically.

And the US is really running out of money because of the bad trade with China, and the concentration camps the US is building for immigration which will be for regular American’s also soon. You will be in a government concentration camp if you tell the truth soon.

All the tech companies are spying on you.

Tech companies are trading your information to governments, who give that information to other countries, including terrorists.

Men like Trump and other politicians like Moscow Mitch

And Joe Biden you know people who represent the interests of white nationalists.

You know men that work for Putin are who are most likely passing on Cambridge Analytic style social network data points to Russia, and every other state they have an Oligarchy alliance with (all the dictatorships for example have a copy of your social media data), and these people are mostly likely then passing this information to different terrorist groups who might for example hate and kill gay people, and want to track the gay people in their own country, and gay visitors from other countries, because they have the data thanks to these big American tech companies and the oligarchy that trying to maintain global dominance.

But it’s not like Biden is even a better choice than Trump. It’s the same boys club, same horrible stupid shit will keep happening, Biden shops at the same stores as Trump, is a member of the same clubs, Biden and Trump even rape the same children/teens at their friend Jeffery Epstein’s place.

Nobody believes the British Royal family, you know they know, they control some of the worlds best spies. Of course they know that Prince Andrew paid to sleep with a teenager. They probably have photo and video evidence of it. Another reason you can’t trust the British either. You can’t trust Russia,

you can’t trust China,

You can’t trust the US, and you can’t trust the tech companies. When you lose your privacy you lose your freedom. See Edward Snowden’s speech from Bitcoin 2019

So Who can you trust when the world, and all the big players seem to be engaged in multiple high level criminal conspiracies? This is an unenlightened era of mankind, a world in which a corrupt oligarchy rules in every nation. Working together to keep the rich caste rich, and the poor caste poor.

Below this line I am sharing two songs, the World is a Vampire by Smashing Pumpkins, and Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine.

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So next time you see employees in Silicon Valley protesting their tech company working with the Pentagon you know what this is about.

And why our corrupt government is investigating them.

Chelsea Manning’s letter to the judge explaining why her imprisonment is illegal.

Silicon Valley Global News

Silicon Valley Global News: Stories, Research, Advanced…

Written by

Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

Silicon Valley Global News

Silicon Valley Global News: Stories, Research, Advanced Concepts RE: Virtual Reality, AR, WebXR, AI Semantic Segmentation on 3D volumetric data, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Drones, Light Field Video, Homomorphic Encryption.

Written by

Silicon Valley Global News: VR, AR, WebXR, 3D Semantic Segmentation AI, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Light Field Video, Drones

Silicon Valley Global News

Silicon Valley Global News: Stories, Research, Advanced Concepts RE: Virtual Reality, AR, WebXR, AI Semantic Segmentation on 3D volumetric data, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Drones, Light Field Video, Homomorphic Encryption.

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