Vection brings 3D CAD model software into Augmented Reality with Varjo XR-3 & Nvidia’s Cloud XR 2

News at CES 2021: Vection Technologies Ltd’s offering is software that works in real time to adapt your existing CAD software to work in cutting edge VR & XR headsets. Vection also integrates with Nvidia’s Cloud XR 2.0 for 5G streaming (of CAD models) to any headset.

With Mindesk you can collaborate with a colleague on the same CAD model. While you are editing the model in VR, a teammate can follow your operations and collaborate from the Desktop. Real-time collaboration accelerates brainstorming and decision making.
REAL TIME RENDERING with Unreal Engine 4
Preparing and exporting your CAD model for rendering is a recurring waste of time and money. Simultaneously render and edit your models with Mindesk Unreal Live Link.



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