Silicon Valley Courageous Resistance Monthly Meeting

Where: Palo Alto Friends Meeting Room

Palo Alto, CA, CA 94303

When: Saturday, March 11, 3:00 PM

This will be our 4th monthly meeting and we have GROWN. Our members are taking many Actions including calling and meeting their Reps, going to Town Halls, holding Rallies and going for Marches to resist the dangerous agenda of Donald Trump. We have individuals and interest based teams that bring actions to the whole group. This meeting will have a report back on growth and organizing of SVCR as a whole and by the different interest based teams. There will be a report back on actions taken and a presentation of new actions to commit to. There will be a break out session of teams and actions. There might be a speaker as well. If you want to take action at the meeting, we will have postcards for Ides of March and letters to send to San Luis Obispo supervisors to protest the oil train passing through the heart of San Jose. Can’t wait for you to join us and resist the fascist and corporate takeover of our country.

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