Getting started with AI and Machine Learning, & Playing with Drones

BuzzConf Night, July 27

If you want a little taste of what the BuzzConf festival is all about, this event is a great place to start. You can also see videos from many of our events on YouTube.

We’ll also be announcing the first round of festival speakers and tickets will be going on sale at an amazing super-earlybird price!

Getting started with AI and Machine Learning, & Playing with Drones

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and Flying drones around the bar!


Transmoggifying Balrog with Artificial Intelligence — Michael Ensly

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has made some major advances in recent years, but far from the cutting edge is the AI for the masses. This talk will show you the journey of how yesterday’s AI came to be in today’s applications, and how today’s AI can be applied to your future applications.

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Drones — Just a mean to an end — Maayan Dermer

Maayan will try to give us an unseen perspective from the Defence point of view over the UAV industries, how different consideration and limitation are been looked at, how problems are solved and where the industry in heading to.
We’ll fly a microdrone around the bar, too!

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