MSB Pitch Night April 2018

Athula Bogoda
Apr 27, 2018 · 4 min read

Better late than never, here is the report from our Melbourne Silicon Beach April 2018 Pitch Night. Reason for the delay – technical problems with our video. It was simply unusable with frames dropping off. In short, it was an Epic Fail.

If you are a videographer (need not be a professional) please consider volunteering at the next Pitch Night. Thank you.

Anyway, coming back to the failed video, our Silicon Beach Radio team was able to very cleverly extract the audio from the video. Thanks Bryan & Cullen. You guys are awesome.

Here it is. Grab your headphones 🎧 and enjoy.

Very often when things go wrong, we stumble upon innovative ways to do things. We would love to do this for most of our events – extract the audio and distribute as a podcast. But we need a volunteer or two with audio editing skills to make this happen. We need you to help with uploading the audio to our SoundCloud and to iTunes podcasts.

Bryan is looking for helpers for our brand new web platform that’s being developed at the moment. Web dev knowledge desirable but hey, you can learn on the fly. Reach out to Bryan on Slack.

Event hosts are always welcome. A lot of new events are on the cards. You will need to be in Melbourne for this but events in Brisbane & Adelaide will kick off soon.

Social media helpers needed across Facebook (we will be using Facebook ads to promote our upcoming premiums events), Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Within #TeamSiliconBeach there will be number of self organising teams (No committees here). Marketing team, media team, social media team, sales team etc. The team members are encouraged to move freely among the teams as they please – this prevents that dreaded silo mentality of “us vs. them” creeping in. Also allows team members gain valuable cross disciplinary experience.

If you are looking for a job, start by volunteering for Silicon Beach.

What if you are not in Melbourne?

Well, except for Event Hosts, the others can be anywhere. While the current team is based in Melbourne, there is no reason why you can’t work remotely. We use Slack for team communication and Zoom for team meetings so get to it.

It all starts with YOU joining us here.


Simbisa Law

Engage consulting


Australian Podcast Awards




Flexisource IT

Wakeup on Earth


90 Second Pitches

Nigel – mycme

Andrew Valentine – RMIT

Bobby Oparaocha –

Andres Sotomayor

Matt Stuckings

Adam Weiss – App Demo Videos & Demov

Krishna Baswa – VC3P

Andrew Ford – SocialStar

Jordan D’Urbano – our sales coach

Peter Withiel – our photographer for the night

Tuck Siver. Blinxel

Vijay. -

Raj. -

But the last words belong to Tuck from Blinxel. Listen to what he had to say (it’s a short audio of 3 mins)

A very BIG Thank You to our amazing photographer Peter Withiel for dropping by and taking these awesome pics for us, free of charge. Email him here for your next photo gig. He is a professional photographer specialising in product photography – a keen supporter of Silicon Beach and startups in general. When you do, please mention the magic phrase “Silicon Beach” 😀.

Like what you see? Then get yourself down to our May Pitch Night.

Or come and cowork with us at the next Saturday Coworking.

See you somewhere on the Beach!


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