Athula Bogoda
Aug 26, 2017 · 5 min read
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Last updated 16 May 2019

Looking to hire an ace coder, tech co-founder, creative, marketer, or whoever to help you on your startup journey? Or even a co-founder with some sweat equity? You’ve come to the right place.

Are you a hustler, hipster or hacker? Why not list yourself here. You never know.

How do you post? Come on to Silicon Beach Oz Slack and post on #employment channel. We will take it from there.

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Looking for a Job

Hi all. I am wanting to start the year right so thought I’ll put myself out there. My name is Andriana, I am about to finish my MBA, I have been working in automotive for over 6 years in product development/product management. I have experience in the mobility services space, electrification and autonomous driving. I have also worked a bit in the political space so I am pretty adaptable, great in a crisis and pretty comfortable with all sorts of peeps. I am now looking for a role that excites me and allows me to leave my mark. Link to my profile follows:

Hi People !! Nice to meet you all. I am a Masters student studying Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering. With three years of experience as a software tester (Agile) I am now looking for roles in IoT, AI and Robotics field. Here is link to my profile

Business Development / Customer Facing / Sales Innovator / All The Stuff You Don’t Want To Do

Hey there,

Edward here — just another Brit craving entry into Melbourne’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, dynamic culture and crazy weather. Thanks to changes to the visa requirements, it’s more difficult than ever to find a home for my unique skills in what I’m observing will be THE Silicon Valley of APAC. Here’s hoping one of Melbourne’s great start-ups will see the value I can bring to their business.

Instead of talking about what I’m looking for, let’s talk about what you’re looking for:
You’re looking for someone who welcomes a challenge, perseveres under tight deadlines and does the grind even with unpredictable hours and difficult work. You’re looking to nurture a great talent that hasn’t come through university, but has thrived from real world experience and natural talent. Someone who resembles you in work ethic, and who sticks to their guns with integrity and loyalty. You’re keen to bring someone on board who brings humor and light heartedness to the workplace, but is constantly abreast of changes in the zeitgeist and how to leverage them for better business fruition.
They’re flexible with the role — happy to work remote but also keen to work collaboratively with your team and engage clients and potential customers with a personal touch. They’re there to do the hard yards but also keen to be continually nurtured so that they can take you forward leaps and bounds.

This is all fluff however, just words on a page. But like your great idea that started on a napkin, you’re curious to see the translation from page to person. So get in touch, and let me prove why I’m worth the investment.

Expertise: Client and Customer relationships, Sales, Business Development, Process Innovation, Negotiation
Pros: KPI smasher, Going beyond scope of my role, Engaging and Extroverted (I can talk to anyone), Varied category sales experience, High interest in tech integration, Eager to learn and nurture others
Cons: Being British, Golf short-game, Getting my e-mails to 0

Edward Hester

Strategist/Business Analyst/Customer Relations/Operations
Hi everyone,
I am Lauren, an entrepreneur, looking for a role that will support me over the next two years, while I work on my own concept.

I’m an honest, hardworking individual with a problem solving mind, positive character, and work ethic that nothing is impossible! Love a challenge and getting my hands dirty, solving crime (better known as work related issues…) is my passion.

Ideally I’m looking for a 4 day role, or if able to work remotely, then am able to take on 5 days. My background is Strategy, Business Analyst, Negotiation, Vendor/Supplier Management, Customer/Client Relationships, Coordination and Operations.

Love to chat, if you feel all or some of the above may suit an opportunity you’ve got. Drop me a line

Thanks for reading :)

Job Opportunities

From our Slack channel’s #employment sub-channel

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Hub Australia is a coworking community for growing businesses, with over 2500 members from a diverse range of industries.

If this role sounds like a perfect fit for you or someone you know, check out the position description here:

Send your application to

Great at screen Scraping and API first approach;

May have worked with Financial Data Aggregators;

Startup in the very early stages of initiation;

Remuneration = Equity;

Great Traits to have = Kindness, Humour and Empathy

contact: Wilfred or 0415 429 261

Brandollo is a growing MarTech startup and we’re currently looking for a developer with vuejs and/or .net core skills to join our team:

If that sounds like you or you know someone who fits the bill, please drop me a DM on Silicon Beach Slack ( @brandollo-marketing ) as we’d love to chat!


Brian ( @brandollo-marketing )

We are a early stage destination focussed social media startup trying to provide the world a place to collect and display their life’s experiences. Some quick details below:

Our current state: validated idea, clickable prototype, 3 weeks into backend product build (node JS, Java, GCP).

Looking for: Cofounder with full stack technical skills though at least experience in mobile applications.

Applicants status: You do not need to commit to full time hours as of yet, happy to work with part time (after work etc) at the start.

Offer: significant equity stake.

If you are looking to be a part of an exciting startup please do reach out as I would love to have a chat. Either shoot me a message on Silicon Beach slack or email me at


Harry Kaladis

How do you post? Come on to Silicon Beach Oz Slack and post on #employment channel. We will take it from there.


News, views, stories & blogs from Australia's Silicon…

Athula Bogoda

Written by

CEO : Silicon Beach Group, Lead Organiser: Melbourne Silicon Beach. Driving Australia to #2 startup nation in the world by 2025.


News, views, stories & blogs from Australia's Silicon Beach community

Athula Bogoda

Written by

CEO : Silicon Beach Group, Lead Organiser: Melbourne Silicon Beach. Driving Australia to #2 startup nation in the world by 2025.


News, views, stories & blogs from Australia's Silicon Beach community

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