The Next Silicon Valley

We don’t believe that you have to live in New York, Boston, or San Francisco in order to be successful.

In the past few years, we have seen a surge in entrepreneurial activity here in Rhode Island. From Virgin Pulse bringing their offices to Downcity, Upserve raising more than $40mm, and Brown University opening up the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, we are finally making a place for ourselves.

With access to next-generation talent, I-95, and new stakeholders such as the Cambridge Innovation Center and MassChallenge moving to town we are poised to become an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

We see our position in Rhode Island as a distinct competitive advantage. Just as outlined in the charter of Rhode Island, we will become a lively experiment once again. A lively experiment that consists of a high number of early-stage ventures, beautiful spaces to work out of, affordable living which keeps burn rates low, and a vibrant social scene.

The only thing lacking is a united community which is easy to access.

We aim to provide a community where entrepreneurs, investors, talent, institutions, and interested community members can share information, support each other, and build new relationships.

This endeavor is conceptualized and executed to build a mesh that connects us and keeps us in tune with everything affecting the Rhode Island Entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are not a publication, lobbying group, or incubator. We are a platform for you to connect with the community and stay up to date about progress and issues as we build our nations next innovation district, together.

In Rhode Island, we have been provided a blank canvas, through which we can build a more beautiful world; one that’s creative, resilient, and accessible.

Through meetups, conversation, and information sharing we will realize a close-knit community that works with grit and determination, all while supporting those around them who are mission-driven.

Welcome to The Lively Experiment.

Join our Facebook Group here, and invite anyone who wants to help build a better Rhode Island.