Reflection on the process

Who did what and how it all worked.

While the entire concept of our project was my idea, cosplay was not as easy to write about as I had initially thought. Cosplay was fun for sure. I have always known some casual cosplayers or people who attend Cons but cosplaying is not the sum total of their identity so writing and learning about cosplay was a google experience for sure. However, once I could fully understand the basics, there was quite a lot to write about.

Cosplay involves so many personal elements really requiring the heart and soul of the cosplayer. Identifying the identity issues in cosplay to highlight in my essay portion was interesting for sure. I tapped into my own prior knowledge as well as other’s preconceived notions in order to dive deep into the personal identities surrounding cosplay.

As someone who has always been able to write relatively well, the essay portion of the project was a matter of sitting down with ideas and executing the written portion. The website however, was another matter entirely. I am well known in my family as technologically incompetent. The site would not have been possible at all without working with Max. We definitely had our frustrations (who knew background images were so difficult to pick?). But we finally managed to get it to work (after some tears and a lot of espresso). My favorite part of the entire process was hitting publish and making the whole thing finally work. I also enjoyed browsing media to put into my parts of the website.

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This cosplay of sleepy Calvin and Hobbes is exactly how I feel after this project.