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Beyond impact investing: Why TradFi should be thinking about ReFi

Financing of private sector activities to abate carbon will become even more important to fight climate change. This is why multilateral development banks (MDBs), traditional lending institutions (TradFi) and those with “climate change” and “green financing” in their titles should take a moment to better understand the world of regenerative financing — ReFi.

Photo by John Modaff on Unsplash

We need to activate every avenue possible to foster the impactful activities that can stem climate change.

A key principle of ReFi is that it first considers the outcome of the project and it uses technology to increase the transparency of projects.



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Stanley Boots is co-founder of Silta Finance, leveraging Web3 to make an IMPACT. As the Chief Astro-Brewer of 7 Bridges Brewing Co., he makes great beer too!