News: EVA partners with Silta Finance in aims to take highways to the skies with the help of DeFi

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Silta Finance
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4 min readJun 28, 2022


EVA becomes the latest company to partner with Silta to explore DeFi for infrastructure project finance. EVA seeks to assess the suitability of the Silta solution for financing its plans to roll out drone super highways on four continents.

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Dispatching on-demand medicine or other critical medical supplies to final users faster and cheaper. Linking farm production to consumers in rural areas lacking transport infrastructure. Reducing congestion and pollution caused by vehicles in cities running last mile delivery services… These are just some of the many social and environmental impacts that EVA’s drone infrastructure can deliver.

Based in Syracuse, New York State, EVA is reinventing infrastructure with a unique combination of stations orchestrated under one common operating system. EVA has released more than five types of patented stations ranging from large hubs for drones to compact foldable landing areas. The stations can also operate off-grid. Stations allow drones to land and take-off safely, release their payload, access and release data through an edge cloud capability, and charge hydrogen or electric drones. This unique combination enables EVA to create a full drone super-highway or smart city mesh to serve medical, logistics, and disaster relief purposes.

It is these kinds of impactful projects that Silta seeks to connect with DeFi and TradFi lenders whilst streamlining the due diligence process to help projects to access finance faster.

“We are all facing incredible challenges with climate change, diminishing resources, unstable economic environment, ageing populations and lower access to workforce. Our technology makes no compromise and addresses those challenging times by reinventing infrastructures around the world,” says Olivier Le Lann, CEO at EVA. “From the very first meeting it was clear that Silta and DeFi project finance would contribute to allowing us to deploy our solution at scale faster. Silta’s innovation spirit and team experience combined with our infrastructure technology is simply the best recipe for success we could have dreamt of.”

Silta Finance partners with DeFi lending protocols to bring institutional investment-grade, impact-driven real-world assets to DeFi. Silta performs due diligence and assesses the viability of borrowers’ projects and their impact. This way, Silta helps DeFi DAOs and lender communities get a better handle on the risks associated with lending to these types of undercollateralized projects and to channel liquidity towards less risky borrowers. Both DeFi and TradFi lenders can seek pre-qualification through Silta to gain access to these projects and offer to lend.

Silta’s decentralized decision-making process empowers the Silta DAO to help direct finance to projects with a strong sustainability impact. The streamlined due-diligence and impact assessment process means that innovative technologies with strong sustainability angles, like that of EVA’s, can access capital faster and potentially at more competitive rates than through traditional means. The ability to scale new and innovative technologies beyond pilot stages to large-scale deployment could help to achieve the exponential impact these technologies were designed to deliver.

“These types of innovative technologies looking for more rapid access to project finance to scale their solutions and deliver sustainability benefits are a great fit for Silta,” says Rob Holmes, Head of Partnerships at Silta. “It became clear in our discussions with Olivier, that the potential impacts of EVA’s technology and infrastructure cut across many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, making EVA a very attractive partner for us.”

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About EVA
EVA is a U.S. company with global operations spread over 4 continents. “Infrastructure is broken, we are reinventing it” is the company motto. EVA is the most advanced company for unmanned autonomous systems solutions covering drones, robots or people transportation in the future. The company’s largest projects include the construction of drone-agnostic super highways allowing goods to be delivered on time at the best operational cost. EVA is a BMW and Halliburton investee. For more information visit

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Silta Finance
Silta Finance

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