Explore the Silta Impact Marketplace — V1 now released!

Behind the scenes our team has spent the last few months working on the design and development of the Silta Impact Marketplace, and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the first version of the Marketplace! Here’s a summary of what is included in V1.

Silta Finance
Silta Finance


The aim of the Silta Impact Marketplace is to connect sustainable infrastructure developers with financiers from TradFi and DeFi who can supply the debt financing to make impactful infrastructure projects a reality. A Silta Score and detailed due diligence report for individual projects is accessible to financiers partnered with Silta to support their decisions on which projects to fund.

Whilst the release of V1 is only the beginning, we’re happy to already invite users to explore how the marketplace is shaping up!

For this first version, we had two main objectives:

  • To allow everyone in the Silta community to view the Silta Impact Marketplace, including the list of projects in the Silta pipeline; and
  • To allow borrowers (infrastructure developers) to register and log in to the borrower portal so that they can submit and manage their pre-qualification applications.

In order to get there, V1 of the Impact Marketplace provides some initial features and functionalities for Silta users, including:

  • A view of the Silta project pipeline
  • High-level descriptive details about the individual projects in the pipeline
  • Registration and login functionality for borrowers to access a borrower portal
  • A borrower portal, allowing developers to create, manage and submit Silta pre-qualification applications.

How to use the Silta Impact Marketplace

The Silta Impact Marketplace can be accessed directly here.

Anyone can browse the Silta Impact Marketplace to view the project pipeline. Projects won’t appear in the Marketplace until their applications have been pre-qualified. There are currently a number of projects either in the process of submitting their pre-qualification applications or under review. Expect to see this pipeline growing soon.

From the Impact Marketplace project list, users can click on an individual project to get to the project page. Here, users can see some high-level information about the project as submitted by the borrower in their pre-qualification application. This information includes a description of the project and the developer, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they aim to contribute towards, and the loan size and loan terms they seek to obtain.

The project page is a high-level snapshot of the project and developer. More detailed information will be available to participating financiers once the project has completed Silta’s full due diligence and obtained a Silta Score.

The V1 release of the Impact Marketplace also includes a borrower portal. This is where borrowers can start new Silta pre-qualification applications as well as manage and submit their existing applications. Borrowers must first pass the pre-qualification stage before they can start the due diligence process and receive their Silta Score.

In order to access the borrower portal, the borrower must first create an account. They can do this via the button in the top right corner of the Impact Marketplace.

When creating the account, each borrower will be asked for their name and email, and to create a password. The returning borrower will be able to log in using their email address and password.

In the borrower portal, the borrower will be able to see an overview of their existing applications to Silta. Here, they can start a new Silta pre-qualification application, or they can manage and submit their saved draft applications.

The tooltips in the pre-qualification application give guidance to help the borrower through the application process.

Watch these short videos for a quick summary on how to use the Marketplace and borrower portal:

Borrowers are welcome to get in touch with the Silta team directly by emailing contact@silta.finance with any questions or concerns when filling out an application. A member of our team will be in touch to answer any questions.

If you’re a financier from TradFi or DeFi and interested in participating in the Silta Impact Marketplace, you can also get in touch with the Silta team using the above email address.

Thanks to our community for the ongoing support as we continue building Silta. We look forward to keeping you updated on future developments!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as any kind of investment advice. Read our full legal disclaimer here. For further information, email us at contact@silta.finance.



Silta Finance
Silta Finance

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