News: Coinsilium enters ECA with Silta Finance and joins as advisor to the project

Silta Finance
Silta Finance
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4 min readMay 5, 2022


Coinsilium Group Limited, the blockchain and open finance venture builder, announces its appointment as advisors to Silta Finance and that it has entered into an Early Contribution Agreement (“ECA”) with Silta to purchase future SILTA tokens.

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Silta Finance is excited to be backed by Coinsilium, a blockchain and open finance venture operator based in Gibraltar. Since becoming the first blockchain company to do an IPO in 2015, Coinsilium Group has gained recognition as a highly regarded innovator with proven technological and commercial expertise and development capabilities in the NFT arena and within open finance. For Silta, Coinsilium is a valued and experienced partner that will help power the growth of the Silta ecosystem of infrastructure borrowers and DeFi protocols.

Coinsilium enters an ECA for USD75,000 for future SILTA tokens that vest over a period of time. Coinsilium shall provide strategic advisory services for Silta on market trends, innovations, and new developments in DeFi and blockchain-powered project finance.

“One of the early visions of Decentralized Finance was the potential for creating a practical bridge between the world of crypto finance and real-world infrastructure project finance,” says Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium. “This was a subject I wrote about extensively in my article ‘The Coded Income Model’, which was published on Medium in July 2020. The article sought to address the issue of the circular nature of DeFi and its effective disconnect from the real-world economy.”

“Until now we have reviewed many DeFi projects aiming to address the complexities of this challenge, however, Silta stands out uniquely for us as having a real potential for creating a workable bridge between real world infrastructure projects and crypto finance and liquidity. Importantly, the Silta team has the right experience and credentials for the challenge and we are therefore very excited to participate in this strategic funding round and to be acting as advisors, helping them towards the successful launch and roll-out of this exciting project,” he continues.

“Silta stands out uniquely for us as having a real potential for creating a workable bridge between real world infrastructure projects and crypto finance and liquidity.”
– Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium

Ben Sheppard, Co-founder at Silta Finance, believes that the strong alignment between the teams will accelerate Silta on its journey to deliver on its vision. “When selecting investors, it’s important to pick the right ones that believe in the overall vision of the project. With Coinsilium, we immediately saw great alignment. This is a relationship that can potentially deliver significant downstream benefits through partnerships and financing for projects because of our respective backgrounds. I am personally looking forward to leveraging the knowledge and experience of both Malcolm and Eddy along this journey,” he says.

SILTA is the native token of the Silta ecosystem. It is a hybrid utility/payment token with the following functionality:

  • Access to the Silta dApp and the ability to submit infrastructure funding applications.
  • Taking part in the governance of the Silta DAO.
  • Ability to pay fees for the due diligence process and impact assessment.
  • Eligibility for token rewards for successfully meeting impact goals.
  • Posting on-chain collateral to underwrite loans for infrastructure development.

A press release has been published by Coinsilium Group Limited.

About Coinsilium
Coinsilium is a focused Blockchain and Open Finance venture operator based in Gibraltar, a pre-eminent global regulatory jurisdiction and a leading hub for innovative financial technology. In 2015, Coinsilium became the first blockchain company to IPO. The Company has evolved to develop revenue-generating strategic advisory services and is a highly regarded innovator with proven technological and commercial expertise and development capabilities in the NFT arena and also within Open Finance.

Coinsilium has developed an array of commercial partnerships and joint ventures around the world to support its development capabilities, giving it access to best-in-class tech experts, a strong network, and asserting its profound industry profile. It has a 50:50 venture with IOV Labs in Singapore, enabling the promotion and commercialisation of RSK’s products, services and technologies in global markets; and has partnered with blockchain technology experts Indorse to create Nifty Labs, a Non-Fungible Token (‘NFT’) technology development studio in Gibraltar.

Coinsilium shares are traded on the APEX segment of the AQSE Growth Market in London, under the ticker symbol “COIN”, and on the OTCQB Venture Market in the United States under the ticker symbol “CINGF”.

About Silta Finance
Silta is a solution that bridges DeFi to sustainability-driven infrastructure developers. Silta conducts credit and sustainability impact assessments on real-world asset (RWA) financing applications and facilitates on-chain collateral. Silta Finance AG is the corporate entity which manages the development of the Silta solution. To find out more about how Silta enables sustainability-conscious infrastructure developers to access liquidity in DeFi, see

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Silta Finance
Silta Finance

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