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News: GHD partners with Silta to help develop new DeFi lending solution for infrastructure

GHD, the leading professional services company, has partnered with Silta Finance to help develop Silta’s collateral bridge between infrastructure developers and decentralized finance (DeFi) by experimenting with the technology solution and providing feedback and improvement suggestions.

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Silta’s vision is to be a collateral bridge between project companies and DeFi, enabling the provision of on-chain collateral for infrastructure projects. This way, borrowers can access the billions of dollars’ worth of liquidity locked in the DeFi market to fund sustainable infrastructure projects.

With its 10k-strong workforce and 200 offices spread across five continents, GHD is working closely with its clients to drive forward the clean energy transition. As Silta’s partner, GHD will be focusing on reviewing the Silta borrower portal, the scoring algorithm, and the monitoring system for contractor performance and loan repayments.

Like the team of Silta, GHD recognises the need for innovation within lenders’ transaction advisory services. GHD’s Executive Director for UK, Europe and Middle East, Timothy Mawhood says: “The world of finance is changing rapidly and critical infrastructure programmes can’t afford to miss the boat. As we continue to recover from the pandemic, there’s no doubt that infrastructure will play a bigger role in our lives economically, as well as from a social and environmental perspective. That’s precisely why accessing decentralized finance could prove critical. The Silta platform has the potential to really pave the way on this and we’re extremely proud to be playing our role in making that happen.”

“GHD is one of the most prestigious infrastructure consulting firms in the world, so it’s quite an honour to have them support the Silta project. Having spoken with executives at GHD, it was clear that there is fantastic alignment with the vision of Silta. We are grateful to have access to such a wide pool of experience”, says Silta co-founder and CEO Ben Sheppard.

The Silta technology solution is currently under development. The project aims to begin accepting collateral loan applications in 2022.

About Silta Finance:
Silta is the DeFi bridge to a sustainable future. Silta provides on-chain collateral which enables real-world infrastructure developers to access liquidity in DeFi. This is how Silta introduces a new class of products to the DeFi industry. Like bonds, these investments are likely to offer steady interest rates upwards of 4%. Silta aims to help bring balance to crypto traders’ portfolios with new products largely immune to crypto winters. Find out more at

About GHD:
GHD is a leading professional services company operating in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation. Committed to a vision to make water, energy and urbanisation sustainable for generations to come, GHD delivers advisory, digital, engineering, architecture, environmental and construction solutions to public and private sector clients. Established in 1928 and privately owned by its people, GHD’s network of 10,000+ specialists are connected across 200 offices located in five continents.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as any kind of investment advice. Read our full legal disclaimer here. For further information, email us at




At Silta Finance, we’re bridging the gap between the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and infrastructure. Find out more at

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Silta Finance

Silta Finance

At Silta Finance, we’re bridging the gap between the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and infrastructure. Find out more at

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