News: Silta partners with Green Antz to direct finance towards tackling and upcycling plastic waste

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3 min readAug 11, 2022

Green Antz will explore how Silta can streamline due diligence and direct funding towards projects which tackle the plastic waste crisis in the Philippines and around the world.

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Like many rapidly developing countries, the Philippines grapples with unsustainable plastic production/consumption and insufficient solid waste management infrastructure. A staggering 2.7 million tons of plastic waste are generated in the Philippines each year, and an estimated 20% ends up in the ocean. With plans to develop and transition to a circular economy, solutions to scale up recycling efforts are urgently needed.

Founded in 2013, Green Antz originally focused on developing solutions for the hardest-to-recycle and lowest-value waste, such as multi-layered plastics. By 2022, Green Antz is already processing almost all types of plastic, as well as organic, inorganic, construction, industrial and other types of waste. Green Antz has developed over 20 types of proprietary solutions, including bricks, pavers, pre-casts, plastic-infused roads and many more. Green Antz’s distributed model includes more than 40 community-based upcycling centers and hundreds of collection points across the Philippines. Its vision is to be the leading institution in transitioning towards a circularity-based, waste-free economy.

Green Antz is exploring how the Silta solution can enhance its growth and expansion, not only across the Philippines but worldwide by building more sustainable and efficient waste management infrastructure across different locations. Silta conducts due diligence and project viability and impact assessments on sustainable infrastructure projects, and connects them with a network of prequalified lenders in both the DeFi as well as TradFi space. Lenders can utilise the Silta Score, stored on-chain in an NFT, to assess the attractiveness of the project and make offers to lend.

Saar Herman, CTO at Green Antz, is excited at the prospect of a streamlined financing process for projects that tackle the plastic waste crisis:

The partnership with Silta will allow us to further scale up and launch additional disruptive innovation for a socially inclusive and sustainable future”.

Carlos Pancrazi, Head of Partnerships for Silta comments on the new partnership:

“Green Antz has a clear vision to develop new ways to address the growth and mismanagement of plastic waste by developing infrastructure for upcycling and waste management. This partnership between Silta and Green Antz can play a key role in steering DeFi and TradFi towards helping more of these solutions come to life. I have a special interest to see how we can power the creation of eco-communities and more efficient waste management across the Philippines and globally.”

GREENANTZ Builders, Inc. (GA) is an innovative entity whose business model focuses on circular economy. It develops and deploys disruptive solutions to reduce the amount of existing waste, generated and discarded waste by upscaling various waste streams into various types of construction materials, infrastructure and transforming them into agricultural solutions.

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