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Silta is bridging the DeFi community to a sustainable future. We’ve partnered with MadSkullz and launched a limited edition Silta attribute in the MadSkullz NFT collection!

Silta Finance and MadSkullz partnership banner.

While Silta Finance may generally be interpreted as a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) project that appeals to the business-geeks of the world, we believe it’s important to for the wider community to know that our goal is to engage with them.

To begin this journey in connecting with the DeFi ecosystem, we have decided to partner with MadSkullz, an NFT project that was launched on Avalanche on 06/06/2022.

MadSkullz #3634

Hence the Silta token attribute seen above! MadSkullz have included Silta token eyes in their mint, as a rare attribute. This isn’t just any attribute though as there will be utility added to holders of MadSkullz with Silta eyes. To be announced soon!

We’ve selected MadSkullz to partner with for a series of reasons.

  1. Their ambitions. Upon the initial discussion of the partnership it was evident this was not a project as simple as a Profile Picture (PFP) project. They plan on building an entire ecosystem within their ‘Skullz City’, as they originally minted their ‘Baby Skullz’ collection on 22/02/2022, ‘MadSkullz’ (the main collection) on 06/06/2022, and will continue developing their SkullzCity ecosystem until the metaverse release.
  2. The artwork. There’s quite a bit of noise when it comes to the NFT space, which is difficult to filter through. However, the quality of the artwork that MadSkullz provides makes it stand out in the noise.
  3. The MadSkullz team themselves. The knowledge they presented with the efficiently of their replies was the first ‘green-light’ we had. From then, the design of the website, the quality of the artwork and running of the community was the second ‘green-light’, and finally, the minting experience came out just as we expected fun, unique, and flawless! We believe this is foreshadowing of their future releases.

The roadmap on their website includes:

  1. At 20% mint the ‘Gamez’ will unlock, which are games for the MadSkullz holders.
  2. At 50% mint, the Skullz Shop will release, which is a merch store for MadSkullz holders.
  3. 60% mint, the MadSkullz team will operate an Avalanche validator node, to give back to the entire Avalanche community as well as their holders, as the rewards from the node will be returned to the MadSkullz holders.
  4. 80%, they’ll be ‘Bringing the Schoolz’, which is an educational platform for people to learn about DeFi!
  5. And finally, at 100% mint they will ‘Open the Portal’, which will be a metaverse for all MadSkullz holders!

However, the MadSkullz team has advised that they’re listening to the community so the roadmap will be executed in consultation with the MadSkullz holders. This means their roadmap objectives will not be released in any particular order.

Their first development will be the staking of the MadSkullz NFTs which will award the MadSkullz hodlers with their first token!

MadSkullz #0009
MadSkullz #0009

Through this roadmap they will also be releasing their tokens, Flesh and rFlesh, which will be utilised for the upcoming metaverse.

This partnership to us, is symbolic. Demonstrating that while Silta Finance is an innovative protocol that may be unfamiliar to the DeFi community, we’re actually here and built for the community.

There’s a lot of progress coming to the MadSkullz ecosystem, so keep in touch as we’ll be supporting them every step of the way!

Check them out at or their Twitter,

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Read Silta’s legal disclaimer here.



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