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Silta Finance x Joepegs Charity Week - Countdown Initiated!

You’ve probably been wondering “I wonder what’s happening with the Charity Week?”

Well, three things.

  1. The Charity Auction will be hosted on Twitter Spaces. Since the announcement, both Silta Finance and Joepegs have continued workshopping with the artists to come out with the most fair and best suited way to conduct the auction. All members involved agreed that we should host all auctions simultaneously over a Twitter Spaces, instead of doing different auctions at different times. This effectively makes the the auction go over a few hours.
  2. The date of the auction is 23/09/2022 at 7pm UTC! Joepegs has confirmed that their new auctioning functionality is tested and works well, so we have set the date.
  3. The ‘Scrapbook’ idea has changed to an emblem. We will create a mintable NFT that represents community participation in Charity Week 2022, it will cost 0.5 AVAX to mint. The idea is to allow people who may not be able to afford auction items the ability to participate in the donation to charity. All funds generated from this mint will be sent to Carbon180, the charity. The emblem will be available to mint shortly after the auction takes place. There will be a limited amount.

Leading up to the auction we will be doing Artist Spotlights, these are posts that spotlight the artist and their work for the collection. They talk about themselves, their art, and really anything they’d like to mention. These will include some sneak peeks of the artwork they have submitted for the event and will be published on the Joepegs Twitter page.

We’ll also be doing Twitter Spaces co-hosted by Silta Finance and Joepegs. These Twitter Spaces will for the artist to have a platform to meet and speak to the Avalanche community, as well as talk to us about themselves.

The Twitter Spaces will be held on Monday 19/09, Wednesday 21/09, and Friday 23/09 at 7pm UTC with the Friday space also hosting the auction afterwards. The regular Joepegs Monday Twitter Space will take place with the Charity Week discussion occurring as an add-on.

Remember that 93% of the auction price will go to Carbon180 (the charity), and 7% will go to the artists, so come participate, support the future and your favorite artists!

Follow Silta Finance on Twitter for the latest updates regarding the event.



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