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Silta Financing Marketplace connects TradFi and DeFi lenders to sustainable borrowers

In order to solve the world’s most significant issues, financing for sustainable development should be readily available on tap. This is why we’re creating the Silta Financing Marketplace.

Silta aims to direct finance towards sustainable infrastructure projects. Our planet is in trouble; almost every week, it feels like a new severe weather event, causing a loss of lives and mass disruption to our economy. Coupled with high oil prices, energy bills are soaring. I am deeply worried about the planet we will leave behind for my son and his future children.

According to McKinsey, there is around a $350bn annual funding gap for sustainable infrastructure. Why is this? It’s pretty clear we need these projects; just look at last month’s utility bills — they’re high, right?

In Silta, we believe one of the core reasons behind the lack of funding is the out-of-date due diligence processes used by financiers. We live in an age where technological innovation is moving so fast it is hard to keep up. It’s time to bring some innovation into the due diligence process. Our solution at Silta is to streamline and semi-automate the due diligence process. We refer to our framework as the Silta Score.

But this is only half of the solution. The other half is finding and lining up financiers in TradFi and DeFi that are passionate about climate change, sustainability, and the environment.

We realised that we’ll have to lead the horse to the water, so to speak. And so the idea for the Silta Financing Marketplace came about. The Silta Financing Marketplace will bring together borrowers and financiers from TradFi and DeFi. We aim to create an environment for borrowers where they are spoilt for choice when it comes to financing. TradFi lenders, DeFi protocols and sustainable financiers can all pre-qualify and access a borrower pipeline that has already undergone a thorough due diligence process and is supported by Silta’s optional standard loan agreement.

We want to make it as simple and efficient as possible for borrowers and financiers to strike deals. The real effort should not be on agreeing on the deal, but on building and operating the project so that we can all live in a better world.

Silta aims to connect amazing projects like Centrifuge, Goldfinch, TrueFi, Maple Finance and Maker with real-world infrastructure asset investments. Together, DeFi can and will change the world. And the more competitive DeFi gets, the more TradFi will need to up its game. This, ultimately, is great for infrastructure developers.

Silta connects DeFi protocols across multiple chains to developers of real world assets (RWA).

We want you! All of you — TradFi, DeFi and sustainable finance

We are currently expanding our ecosystem of financier partners. In Silta, we use the term financiers as a catch-all for the following:

  • TradFi — family offices, foundations, Fintechs, banks, and institutional finance already in infrastructure finance or looking to get into the space
  • DeFi protocols with the capability to finance Real World Assets (RWA) — Centrifuge, Goldfinch, TrueFi, Maple Finance, and Maker, to name but a few
  • Sustainable financing — carbon off-takers

If your organisation fits into one of these categories, then we are interested in chatting. Silta presently has a pipeline of $65M of infrastructure projects waiting to be financed. Due diligence on these projects is due to commence soon, and so over the coming months, we are looking to pre-qualify as many financing partners as possible.

If you are interested, drop us a message at

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as any kind of investment advice. Read our full legal disclaimer here. For further information, email us at



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Ben Sheppard

Ben Sheppard


Co-founder of Silta Finance — bridging DeFi and TradFi to impactful infrastructure. Innovator, change-maker and father.