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The Silta Partnership Ambassador program is open for applications

To grow Silta’s partner ecosystem, we’re calling for applications into our Partnership Ambassador program. We are looking for well-connected individuals who can bring in and nurture discussions with different types of partners from borrowers to liquidity providers, and other parties.

Silta’s partner WEnergy Global’s solar energy plant in Sabang, Palawan, Philippines. Photo: Ben Sheppard

Silta is a bridge connecting DeFi and TradFi financiers with infrastructure markets. We aim to build a better future by directing finance to the infrastructure that can deliver real impacts.

We’re looking for new Partnership Ambassadors to help grow our partner ecosystem. The individuals we look for are well connected in a particular space and can bring in and nurture discussions with relevant potential partners.

Broadly, these are the type of parties we are looking to form relationships with:

  • Potential borrowers, meaning infrastructure developers, and initially in particular developers of solar plant projects and wind farms
  • Liquidity providers that can assist with filling third-party loan pools
  • Financiers, such as third-party loan pool protocols, banks, or financial intermediaries
  • Third party integrations that will improve the overall Silta technology and provide a seamless on-ramp and off-ramp experience in different jurisdictions.
  • Other relevant third parties, such as governments, government agencies, PPP centres, and globally recognised institutions

In terms of potential borrowers, initially our greatest focus is solar and wind energy in Europe and Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines and Malaysia. Therefore, we particularly encourage applicants who are connected to potential borrowers in these regions to get in touch.


The main objective of the ambassador is to develop relationships with the potential partners listed above. We see this work being completed in the following steps:

  • Identify potential partners (borrowers, liquidity providers, financiers, integrations, or other relevant parties). The Silta team will pre-approve any partners you wish to pursue to ensure they are a good fit for the project and to mitigate any duplication of effort with other Ambassadors.
  • Present the Silta concept, explaining at a high level the purpose of the technology. Ambassadors can present Silta independently in the first discussion with a potential partner, and the Silta team can be engaged after strong initial interest is demonstrated.
  • Nurture these relationships all the way through to the signing of relevant agreements.
  • Engage the Silta team as needed to support discussions and to prepare and sign legal agreements.

The wider Silta team is available to help and guide Ambassadors when needed. Ambassadors will have access to our experts, marketing materials and relevant legal agreements. We’ll also provide Ambassadors with a light training about the Silta solution.

If you are not yet familiar with Silta, you can start by reading our whitepaper.

To hear more about the Partnership Ambassador program, please get in touch with us via Please title your email “Partnership Ambassador” and tell us about yourself, which region you’re based in, and what type of partnerships you might bring to Silta. Details about compensation will be provided on enquiry. You can also reach out to us with questions on our Telegram.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as any kind of investment advice. Read our full legal disclaimer here. For further information, email us at



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