News: Valfry and Silta Finance sign a partnership to channel DeFi towards a collective green energy revolution in Spain

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3 min readJun 7, 2022


Valfry Solar will explore how the Silta solution can help enable DeFi to fund solar energy projects in the Spanish photovoltaic market, and beyond.

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Spain is one of the EU countries hit hardest by the recent energy crisis. Spiralling energy prices with record highs over the last year are a thorn in the side of the country’s post-Covid recovery and have resulted in a growing number of citizens at risk of falling into energy poverty. Against such a backdrop of volatile and rising fossil fuel prices, Valfry Solar hopes to channel DeFi towards the financing of a collective green energy revolution in Spain by partnering with Silta Finance.

Valfry Solar is a green energy producer based in Valencia, Spain. Their aim is to support and accelerate the green energy transition by expanding the use of photovoltaic solar energy with an unconventional approach. In one of their business lines, Valfry aims to generate electricity as close as possible to the people who need it. In these so-called local energy communities, Valfry assumes the costs of the installation in a local community. The end customer, the residents and businesses in the area can benefit without the initial investment and consume energy at a price that is well below what is traditionally paid for energy from the national grid.

In addition, Valfry develops solar photovoltaic plants for distributed generation of up to 10MW. Their objective is to create and manage 10 mW of self-consumption capacity and 25 mW of solar photovoltaic plants by 2023.

In order to meet these objectives, Valfry will explore how the Silta solution can help it to direct DeFi towards the financing of their projects. In the short term, Valfry aims to do this in the Spanish photovoltaic market, with hopes to expand this concept across Southern Europe and Latin America in the medium-to-long term.

Juan Carlos Abril, co-founder of Valfry, is a strong proponent of the use of decentralized finance in tackling the energy crisis, and this takes centre stage at Valfry. In addition to adopting the Silta solution, Valfry also intends to promote decentralized finance of its own. The company is in the process of creating its own tokenisation platform where its investors could provide equity finance for some of the company’s projects.

“At Valfry Solar, we believe that a true energy revolution cannot be achieved without changing the way we do things: eliminating intermediaries, creating projects where everyone benefits and taking advantage of the decentralization of finance,” Abril says.

“We believe that for Silta and Valfry, this alliance will be very positive, as it will enable both entities to grow in the Spanish PV market, and soon in Southern Europe and Latin America in the medium-to-long term.”

Joan Abril, a co-founder in charge of the tokenisation of assets, adds: “Decentralized finance offers speed of investment, security and immediate liquidity, and is the perfect complement to finance our projects.”

Rob Holmes, Silta’s Head of Partnerships, is excited about the potential to tackle the energy crisis close to home. “I moved to Spain a couple of years ago, and it’s great to be forming a partnership that could possibly impact on the lives of local people in my adopted home country by contributing towards the energy poverty crisis as well as realising a greener energy future,” he says.

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VALFRY Solar generates green electricity, thanks to photovoltaics, and sells it to individuals and companies at a lower price than traditional electricity companies. We are producers of photovoltaic energy and we sell renewable electricity at a fair (real) price to households and companies. We analyse the viability of each collective self-consumption project, develop it and manage it.

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