FANATEC CSL Elite Pedals Jig Size Drawing Measurements of Replacement Rubber

2 Rubbers of the CSL Elite Pedals and LC kit

I just add the measurement result for the rubber of FANATEC CSL Elite Pedals as shown in the above picture.

One is included in the CSL Elite Pedals and the other is in the Loadcell Kit below.

The reason I measure is that I got the message that requested me to measure them.

Hey man. Can you help me please? I am missing the 2x black rubbers under the throttle and clutch. The black rubber under the clutch is slightly taller than the throttle rubber. I am going to make my own but want to make them as close to standard as possible. is there any chance you can measure the heights on both for me please?

I would appreciate if you can help. I don’t personally know anyone who has these pedals so I have no one else to ask :D

(Note) As shown in the top picture, I confirmed two rubber sizes and the accel and clutch pedal base seem identical.

This is the result. The world is broad so some people except for him may want to have this information.

Unit: "mm"

Also, I added the brake sponge of the FANATEC CSL Elite Pedals. Due to my measure’s quality, some results are rough.

I hadn’t expected to show the art of the thing except for the sim pedals’ sponge, but some people think this shape is similar to… If you know other’s thoughts, please check below.

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