Excessively Rigid Self-Build Sim Rig (Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint & FANATEC Podium DD1)

My sim friend built an aluminum-flam Sim cockpit having extreme rigidity. Its flame cost was over 60,000yen! (around 500$, 500Euro).

Please note: This is not for sale. It’s just a self-build sim rig.

He especially worked in iRacing Porche 911 CUP with below paint and I think he is one of the fastest Porche 911 CUP drivers in Japan.

He designed this sim flame and he named it “Gorilla Engineering Sim Cockpit.”

I asked him, Why did you choose the word, “gorilla”? But I didn’t get clear answer for now.

This is his system. The round metal duct pipe is from the air conditioner to cool himself, and the card board with a FANATEC sticker is to cool his PC which is located backward from monitors.

From now, I’ll introduce his design of the sim rig.

My artcle about FANATEC BMW GT2 V2 is here.

Gorilla Stabilizer, which realizes excessive column rigidity to compete for iRating 8000 racers

The friend adds the stabilizer to fix the FANATEC Podium DD1 stiffly. The name is Gorilla Stabilizer. I don’t know why he adds the word, “Gorilla”. He is really trying to win the faster sim racer such as rating 8000.

FANATEC Podium DD1 can be fixed without drilling the flames. You can fix it by just tightening bolts.

TW system, which was developed for beating iRating 8000 racers. Available for the various pedal positions. Created the Heel Rest to lower the foot flames.

He called this pedal flame mount system as “TW system.” The TW is from his friend’s name. He put the TW sticker on his 911 in iRacing.

High-mounted Beam Created Excessive Rigidity, which Realizes Precise Pedal Work

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint (SPS) can be equipped without drilling. You can fix it by just tightening the bolts.

His Sim Rig’s Pictures

I also made the Race Simulator cockpit with the same software and the same aluminum flames as below. Compared to his rig, it’s too weak.



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