Best Combination of FANATEC Products and How to Select Them(Wheelbase, Racing Wheel, Pedals)

You may be trying to buy a Driving controller. I was also confused about what to buy, and what’s the difference between some wheelbase, stirrings, pedals.

I quickly show how to select your best combination.

Finally, the biggest factor is your budget, so the products you’ll buy will naturally designate.

I'm happy if my opinion helps you.

Maybe you want to know the best combination.

Before showing how to select the hardware, I will show the best combination for the person who won’t cost a lot but wants to own FANATEC. Please compare other options you think. This must be a reasonable combination with the Loadcell pedal.

Please note, I strongly suggest buying Loadcell at one time. Because in Japan, my country, the loadcell kit was not sold for few months. Maybe some people are waiting for the pedal to sell again.

For other people, please choose as you like searching to fit your requirement.


The FANATEC provides 3 grades of wheelbases. The difference between the 3 wheelbases is the rated force and the instant force, which support your driving. Those Costs are different. Please compare thoughtfully and please don’t compensate to pay for the wheelbase.

Also, you need to think about whether you use Playstation and Xbox. Please choose a compatible wheelbase.


The cheapest wheelbase in the FANATEC.(which includes a motor, belt, gear to generate the force to the wheel. But this doesn’t include a wheel) But not cheaper than other companies' products. It’s rather expensive.

For me, the difference between CSL and CSW is, how fast the wheel gets aligned to the stable direction of tires.


If you are trying to buy CSL, please once consider buying this. Adding $150 or Euro will help your driving stability due to the strong force which stabilizes your car. Detail is explained in my review below.


If you are thinking to buy CSW and you’re trying to join the sim racing for more than 6 months, it’s better to consider buying a DD.

Moreover, if you are thinking to join the endurance race, please consider selecting this to drive without slipping for long time. I owned both CSW and DD and I wrote the difference here. Simply saying, my driving was stabilized a lot.

FANATEC sells two graded DDs (DD1 and DD2). I explain which to buy below.

Steering Wheel

It depends on your preference. But please consider some points.

With the lighter and the smaller wheel, you can feel the tires more sensitively. I put the wheels in the lighter order here.

So if you select the CSL, you should select lighter wheels such as Mcleren GT3, WRC etc.

For CSW, the lighter the better. Such as CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 andCSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC.

For DD, I think you can select anything.

Please note, if you are interested in the paddle module, this option can only apply for Podium Hub, ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBOX ONE, ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2, and some special formula steering. (Please check the compatibility)

Please note, there’s 2 Quick Release (QR) system.
1 is QR and 2 is Simplified QR.

The big difference is that with Simplified QR, Force from the DD (I explained above. The strongest Wheelbase) will be reduced as XX mode.
To solve this problem, you should buy QRA. You can feel the true force from the DD.

Please note, If you choose Podium Hub, you need to choose the Podium Advanced Paddle Module or ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 to shift up.

You can also select the paddle below. But this compatibility has some limitations. Please check the explanation on thh page.


There are mainly two types.

Potential Pedal brake and Loadcell Pedal brake.

Please don’t select detour, if you buy FANATEC, please directly buy Loadcell, which your braking becomes stable.

I’m still satisfied with the CSL Elite Pedals though I experienced the heusinkveld in a sim shop.

At first, I bought two-pedal model, which doesn’t include loadcell.

But finally, I bought the loadcell kit to add the function. As a result, the total cost is about $20 higher than buying at one time.

You can also select V3 Pedal. It includes Pedal emit the vibration which you can feel the actuation of ABS etc. You can apply two types of options (Dumper and rubber) that fit your needs for the brake.

If you want to spend more money on the brake, the Heusinkveld will be one of the options.

The Conclusion

I’ll write later.

Anyway, I wish you get the preferable combination for you.



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