I improved the racing cockpit noise reduction system

Though I developed the noise reduction system below by using 4 balance disks and the noise reduction effect is very high, it has been a little bit ugly due to using the 2x4 blocks of wood as you can see.

I’ve wanted to upgrade its exterior.

As I can use it as it is, I’ve used this system for 9 months. At the end of the year, I cleaned my room, however, the woods seem ugly. Dust is easy to accumulate.

I’ve searched for suitable plates to fit the disk and they must be thick enough to endure the mass of the cockpit (Maybe over 0.1–0.15 tons including driver).

Though there were square or rectangle plates in the DIY store, near my home, I couldn’t find suitable round-shaped plates.

When I tweeted my worries, my kind friends showed me various suggestions and advice.

  • Use rubber plate
  • Use big log (?)
  • Use needless desk plate

Finally, they send the link to the wood’s internet store and very suitable round-shaped wood plates. (d=255mm, t=19mm)

I ordered and I set the plate between the cockpit and balance disks as below.

The diameter of the balance disk is d=330mm, and the plates are d=255mm.

They work very well. The cockpit rarely (maybe never) slips on the plate, it’s easy to be clean, and not ugly.

I’ll paint these plates black and upgrade more to be cool.

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