We’re Hiring!

Ken Saks
Ken Saks
Mar 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Just a reminder that we’re always looking for great engineers. Here’s why you should apply.

Join an Experienced Team

Work alongside accomplished engineers who have built large scale systems at Google, Apple, eBay, Tumblr, Box, Etsy, and SUN Microsystems.

Data, Data, Data

It’s in our name and our DNA. Customers entrust us with this critical asset because of our expertise in managing and analyzing their data at scale.

Be a Mentor

We pair experienced developers with up-and-coming stars — our junior data engineers (JDEs). It’s a rewarding opportunity to show someone the ropes and also helps make Simon a great place to be early in a career.

Make an Impact

Simon Data is a small but fast growing technology startup where you can make a significant contribution to our success.

“No Jerks Allowed”

We’re a talented team with a focus on execution, but a healthy engineering culture is more important than any one person. We take pride in a work environment based on open communication and respect.

Go Remote

Our team is distributed across four states and we are 100% committed to ensuring a successful remote culture. This happens pretty naturally, since our offices are in New York but our co-founder/CTO works from Austin.

Embrace DevOps

We’re “all in” on infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, and cloud services.

Culture of Learning

From brown bags to new technology prototypes to blameless post-mortems and feedback, we consider it everyone’s job to build new skills and help teach others.

Next steps

To dive further into what we value as an engineering team, check out Ben’s post on Engineering Ethos. And for more on how we think about hiring, see Interviewing with Simon Data. Of course you can always find a list of open positions at careers.simondata.com.

How about you?

We’d love to hear what you feel contributes to successful engineering teams. Send us a note at hello@simondata.com or a tweet at @simon_data.

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