April 9–15

This week in SimPEG…

This week, I have been working on cleaning up the notebooks used to generate the figures in the casing paper. They are now available at: https://github.com/simpeg-research/heagy_2018_emcyl. The paper will be posted on the ArXiv shortly.

SimPEG 0.8.0 is out

Congratulations to SEOGI KANG for his work bringing time domain induced polarization into SimPEG. To read about the changes, check out the release notes for SimPEG 0.8.0. To upgrade your version of SimPEG

pip install --upgrade SimPEG 

In the meeting…

Devin Cowan presented on the viscous remanent magnetization within SimPEG.

Rowan Cockett, Dom Fournier, Leo Uieda, and I chatted about collaborating on filters for potential fields as well as how to move forwards on the objective function repository in the OpenGeophysics organization.


Simulation and parameter estimation in geophysics

Lindsey Heagy

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Simulation and parameter estimation in geophysics

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