May 28 — June 3

This week in SimPEG…

Highlights this week are from Craig Miller and Joe Capriotti who both have been using the new Tree Mesh. Joe has re-written and significantly (!) improved the Tree Mesh implementation within discretize 🎉 🎉 🎉

You can see the changes and play with the new implementation by checking-out the active pull request: simpeg/discretize#94.

This week …

Craig Miller has been working with Dom Fournier to run Magnetic Vector Inversions (MVI) with the OcTree Mesh to invert data from Mt. Ruapehu, NZ.

Joe Capriotti is an instructor for the Colorado School of Mines geophysics field camp and has been using the QuadTree mesh to perform a 2D DC inversion that includes topography. The line of data is 3.5km long and a Wenner array setup with 20m electrode spacing was employed.

Meeting updates

No meeting was held this week, but in the previous week, we held a brief meeting to discuss presentations for the RFG conference being held in Vancouver June 16–21. The SimPEG team has 2 presentations and a poster: