Instagram marketing: The definitive guide

Understanding the inner workings of Instagram can turn into a massive asset for your business. I’ve been very active for some time now, and I can tell you that Instagram has an unprecedented engagement rate.

The platform gives you the golden opportunity to connect with your followers, and potential customers on a deeper level. Some startup already did this, and their results are exponential.

Daniel Wellington, a $180 million watch company was built on the back of Instagram. The founder, Filip Tysander, leveraged influencer marketing to gather 2.9 million followers on his instagram account.

The marketing strategy behind the brand is so simple that it can be applied by anyone really. There are several online spaces where you can get in touch with influencers fairly easy. But, that’s a topic for another article..

@DanielWellington on Instagram. Who wouldn’t double tap on this?
I’ll make a case study about influencer marketing very soon.

Read on..

Instagram Today: How the game has changed

Instagram had to step up their game to keep up with the ever evolving growth of Snapchat. So, what did they do to stay ahead you ask?

They cheated shamelessly, that’ s what they did :D Instagram copied all of Snapchat’s features.. *ahem* “Re-branded”. The bold move paid off though, they are one of the best engagement platforms right now. Period.

That’s amazing news for us marketers who spends countless of hours on the platform. We can now position ourselves to leverage interactions and double down on the upsides. Oh, and by the way Mark Zuckerberg.. what a Thug.

Nope. Still a thug.

Here’s the deal:

I made a simple guide linking out to some of the best content created around Instagram marketing. A lot of people still don’t understand that the platform is more than just a place to post endless streams of selfies.


Chapter 1: Instagram For Newbies Demystified

If you’re new to Instagram — or looking to relearn the fundamentals — These articles will stir you in the right direction.

You’ll be able to setup up your account and you’ll learn the basics. Don’t skip this if you’re a newbie, you need to have a “winning mindset” before anything.

10 Instagram Tips For Beginners | Lifewire

Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram | Entrepreneur

10 Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram | Forbes

There’s no way back.

Chapter 2: Effective Ways To Use Instagram

Please, do me a favor and don’t take this chapter lightly. Here’s the part where most people fail to deliver. I want you to grasp this concept. To be successful on Instagram you need to understand that the creative is everything.

If your pictures can’t tell a thousand words no one will follow you (except for bots, they aren’t that picky). If you can’t make use of hashtags, no one will find you. If you can’t story-tell, people won’t feel inspired to take action.

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Good Instagram Captions | Later

Crafting a Beautiful Instagram Feed | Craftsposure

How To Conduct a Hashtag Research | Kikstagram

How To Take perfect Perfect Instagram Pictures Every Time | Quartz


Chapter 3: Increase Your Instagram Following

Building an audience on Instagram isn’t always that straightforward. The only way to increase your followers’ count is by getting discovered. That being said, there are several methods that you can apply to achieve the goal.

The key is to stick to one method, and to track the results. You should only move on to the next when the results are favorable. Doing this, you’ll develop a bulletproof growth strategy.

How To Get More Instagram Followers The Ultimate Guide | Hootsuite

How To Get More Followers On Instagram In 2 Weeks | Foundrmag

5 New Ways To Get Instagram Followers In 2017 | Later

Advanced Instagram Marketing Tactics To Get a Ton Of followers | A Better Lemonade Stand

Chapter 4: Why Instagram Is The Perfect Marketing Tool

Most people don’t see results on Instagram for one simple reason: They don’t understand the platform. If you aren’t able to create content that is native to Instagram.. You lose.

23 Creative Ways Marketers Can Use Instagram | Business2community

Using Instagram Stories As a Marketing Tool for Photographers | Fstoppers

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Stories | Buffer

5 Biggest Misconceptions About Using Instagram For Business | Kissmetrics

Marketing explained.

Chapter 5: The Best Instagram Marketing Resource.. Period.

Enough said.

Drive Massive Traffic With Instagram Marketing: A Sumo-sized Guide | Sumo

Beautiful content. Just Beautiful.

Chapter 6: Instagram Case Studies: How Are People Using Instagram?

Defining how you should use Instagram for your personal goals can be a hurdle. This chapter will help you get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll discover how other Instagrammers make use of the platform in their advantage. One thing to keep in mind: good artist copy, great artist steal ;)

How to increase engagement by 215,42% in one month| Simplblog

Why Are More Women Than Men On Instagram | The Atlantic

14 Of The Best Brands On Instagram Right Now | Hubspot

7 Instagram Accounts That Inspire The Entrepreneurial Journey | Entrepreneur

Cream always rises on top. Be authentic, and stay relevant.

Chapter 7: Best for last: Instagram tips & tricks

Instagram is playful. Enjoy!

10 Instagram Hacks That Actually Work | Sprout Social

12 Cool Instagram Tricks You Should Know | Beebom

15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About

| Hubspot

You’re ready.


You’re ready to slay on Instagram. I gave you all the know-how’s, tips and tricks that might come out handy. My next articles will mainly focus on more advanced strategies, stay tuned. If you liked this post don’t forget to hit that like button

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