Turn Plans Into Action: Bullet Journaling + TeuxDeux

via Ryder Carroll on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rydercarroll/)

“Be it digital or analog, what I’m looking for are the best tools for a given job.” — Bullet Journal creator, Ryder Carroll

  • When you’re out and about, running errands. My bullet journal will not fit into my fanny pack but my phone with its list app does.
  • When you need to link to important documents or websites. There’s no analog way around this.
  • When you want to be reassured that you’ll never forget something, even in the horrific case that your bullet journal gets lost.
  • When you need to jot a quick reminder to do something while you’re already in deep flow mode on your computer. I don’t want to ruin my tidy meditative bullet journal planning with chicken scratch from my busy work day state.
  • When you need to get crystal clear on the tasks for today and the days beyond, which are ever changing, becoming irrelevant with new information, or being piled on top of. I don’t necessarily want to go into my pristine bullet journal and then violently write “never mind all my plans changed!” across my written daily to do list.
  • When you need to just do something and can no longer afford the time it takes to be a perfectionist.

TeuxDeux is the perfect digital to do list app companion for a bullet journal.

  • TeuxDeux already looks nice. There’s not much you could do to make it look cluttered. The perfectionist in me that comes alive when I bullet journal is able to take the back seat when I know I can unabashedly throw things onto my to do list and not think twice about it once I’m in the thick of things.
  • You can duplicate any list-based bullet journal spread using “Someday Lists” (displayed at the bottom of the above image), so you can access these things anywhere that your bullet journal is not. I personally do not take my bullet journal with me when I am at the grocery store staring at the pasta sauces but I can pull up my quick “Groceries” list on the TeuxDeux iPhone app.
  • TeuxDeux’s focus is on your daily to do list, which you can see in a neat calendar spread (remind you of anything, bullet journalers?). We love a calendar. We especially love it when it’s flexible to fit our changing life plans.



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