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There is a simple but almost mystical law which governs promotion and marketing and their relationship to the amount of business generated: business will come in to the degree that you get your message out, promote, let people know you are there, advertise, write to people, call people, e-mail people and generally communicate to existing or potential clients. 
It isn’t a fact that registers easily and it almost takes faith to follow this dictum until you have seen it work over and over in all sorts of different businesses and organizations, as I have.

This law transcends market conditions, the activities of your competition, time of year, the alignment of Mars with Jupiter and all the million and one explanation we frequently fall back on when business is slow. All these conditions may be present but there is still a way to rise above them:

“Just promote more heavily and frequently and business will start to pick up again. It never fails.” 

It’s almost a natural instinct when times get a little tight or business is slow to cut down on expenditure. You hear people talking about tightening their belts. Too often the first expenditure companies seek to cut is their marketing and advertising dollar, and that is a serious error, a guarantee of contraction. You have to step up the promotion, not cut back. The trick is to find ways to get the maximum results with the minimum expenditure, but never to cut back and promote less. That’s suicide. Here’s one way to increase promotion while keeping costs down. 
You don’t have to open a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard

We have found more and more network marketers, direct marketers, small & medium business owners are turning to Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards as the best form of direct mail. It’s time to pass on the information for those who haven’t yet discovered this cost-effective way of getting the word out and the business in. 
This is especially timely advice as the national anthrax scare — whether you give credence to it or not — has resulted in a certain caution when it comes to opening envelopes from unknown sources. One great advantage of a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard is that it doesn’t have to be opened — there is nothing hidden about it and nothing to be scared of. 
Quite aside from the anthrax angle, the fact that a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard doesn’t need to be opened has another advantage: it has a chance to get its message across before it is dropped into the garbage can as “junk mail.” An envelope can be tossed in the trash without even being opened, allowing the hard-hitting promotional material inside no chance at all to get its message across. 
The chances are fairly high that if you have a brightly colored Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard it will attract enough attention to get an initial glance. If your headline is a good one and invites further interest, then your Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard will be read and you will have succeeded in delivering your message. If the reader is even vaguely interested in what you are trying to sell, you may well get a visit or a call. 
Simple, cheap & ugly postcards are very Cost-effective!
Even though it is imperative to promote more than ever when the economy is sticky or business is slow, that doesn’t mean you can’t cut costs in the process. 
Many business owners are convinced that a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard with the right message on it, mailed out to previous clients or to prospective customers gets the most bang for the advertising buck of any form of promotion, even when they also advertise in print, on the radio and TV, sky-writing, you name it. 
You can mail out a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard up to 4 1/4 inches by 6 inches via First Class Mail pre-sorted very affordable. You will get this cheaper than the lowest letter and that’s for standard, bulk rate, not first class. If you find the right company you can get 5,000 high quality, full-color, laminated Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards printed and mailed for under $400. 
Surprise Jewelry In Candles — and Maximize My Leads Pros —, are examples of companies who rely entirely on Simple Cheap & Ugly Postcards (and referrals) for new business. “The strange thing about Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards is that I’ll have people who will call me 6 or 8 months after I mailed them out and say, ‘I got one of your postcards and kept it.’,”. I use 6,000 postcards at a time and send out 400 every month to highly targeted mailing lists. I leave the back of the Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards blank so that I can get a different message printed on them when I am ready to send them. This allows for rate changes and other time-sensitive messages to be printed on at the time the Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards are going to be mailed. 
I used to use very basic, black and white postcards run off by a local printer but now I gone to full brightly colored , 4 1/4” x 6” cards (the largest size you can send at the lowest mail rate) which has improved my response rate. “I have a rifle rather than a shotgun approach to marketing”, “For what I do with the full-color Simple Cheap & Ugly Postcards are perfect.” 
A good postcard company can handle the entire mailing and save you money in the process. They make their money from printing postcards, not from consulting, selling mailing lists, mailing and so on. So they can give you better deals on these other services where needed. 
Having the postcard company do the mailing for you has an additional benefit of saving on shipping. Printed matter is quite heavy and shipping 10,000 Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards across country is not that cheap. If it is mailed from the postcard company direct these shipping charges are avoided. 
“I let the postcard company handle the mailing.” “With all the other things I have to do, I find that it’s easier to let them handle the mailing than to tie up my time.”

How to get going with Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards?
So, assuming Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards are the way to go, where do you start? 
A. Find a postcard company to help you.

This company must: 
1. SPECIALIZE IN POSTCARDS, not just do postcards among other printing jobs. You will get better service and a better product. It will cost much less because they are printing your Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard along with many other customers’ postcards and can “gang print” them which means they print many different postcards on one large sheet of card and it’s only one press run. 
2. Have some MARKETING KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. They should be able to advise you on mailing lists, design, quantities and so on. The better ones offer a full range of services from advice through design, assistance with photography, printing and mailing. 
3. Postcards they produce should be UV COATED (laminated), FULL COLOR, 4 1/4” x 6” so you get the biggest size card you can for the lowest mail rate and they really look good. The UV coating is essential for a very high gloss finish that really makes the Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard stand out and attract attention. 
4. Above all you need to know that you are going to get RESULTS. Percentage of response is not the real measure of success as this varies from industry to industry and area to area. What you want to determine is return on investment. If you spend $720 all inclusive to send out a 5,000 postcard mailing and get 200 calls as a result, and convert even 10 of those into sales purchases or business opportunity signups, then the mailing was a terrific investment. So you need to look at the big picture and check for results in terms of return on investment. 
When choosing a postcard company to handle your mailing, it’s a good idea to get some names and phone numbers of their customers and call them up to get some first-hand information on how good the company is: do they deliver good service and value for money? 
Once you have found the right provider (it doesn’t have to be local — the better ones work on a national basis and do business with companies all over the USA) get their advice on producing the postcard. They will help you with all the steps. 
B. Decide whether you want them to handle the mailing for you (see section above on out-sourcing). 

C. Decide whether you are going to mail to your existing customers or to mailing lists of potential customers or both. 
Procurement of mailing lists is an important point. Sending out Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards to 10,000 random homeowners by zip code is not going to get the same response as sending 10,000 Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards to qualified business opportunity seekers or persons who are interested in your product or service. You can buy mailing lists that are quite specific and targeted. Your biggest expense is going to be postage. It’s worth spending a little extra money to make sure your message gets to qualified potential prospects in the category that you want to deal with. 
The postcard company should be able to help you with the choice and purchase of mailing lists. 
D. Decide on the content of the simple, cheap & ugly postcard. Again, a good postcard company will have experience with this and can offer valuable advice. They’ve probably worked with other clients and know what works and what doesn’t. 
E. Get the Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard produced. They will send you proofs. Get any needed corrections made so that you are happy with them. 
F. Get them mailed out. 
G. Sit back and make the most of the response. 
H. Plan your next mailing and repeat the steps. 
After you’ve done a few mailings you will get a better idea of what works and you can refine your campaign. 
This is a proven, tried and tested, workable approach to increasing sales and business opportunity signups through direct mail using full-color Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards.

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